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      Cool Had my first WILDS!!!

      I took a nap today because I was really tired. I slept for about an hour, and woke up. I remember having a dream, so I wanted to pass out again to dream some more. I noticed I started to slowly enter a dream really quickly, so I pictured myself sitting on my bed with my computer. I'm not sure why I knew this would lead me into a lucid, I just knew. I remember looking at the screen and shutting down my computer, then I got up off my bed and sort of 'left my real body' into a dream. I walked across the room and tried a reality check to try and increase my lucidity. It sort of worked. I rubbed my hands together and started rubbing my wall and bookcase. I dont think I was fully fully lucid because I started walking around, and ended up seeing myself and ended up fighting myself for a bit. If I was fully lucid I would have stopped and tried to talk to myself. I remember trying to make fire balls but couldnt, then remember trying to teleport myself to a beach. It didnt work, so I randomly met this chick and this is where I sort of lost lucidity because she started to make a weird 'teleport' on the ground and we stepped inside. I was sort of half lucid in the sense that I still was trying to teleport myself, but ended up losing the dream scenario and started to just go with it. I found myself (didnt teleport or remember the scene changing, I was just somewhere else all of a sudden) in a weird sort of conference center, and was walking with some people. I almost snapped back lucid near the end but I woke up shortly after.
      Then I tried it again, same thing, found myself slipping quickly into a dream, so I pictured myself on my computer, shut it down, and left my dream body again. But this time it didnt last too long, and started to feel my real eyes in the dream, lost sight, and woke up.
      It was a really cool experience though Slipping from awake right into a lucid was awesome! I am going to try it again tomorrow, as i work early so will probably have a nap tomorrow afternoon.
      - "The best things in life are free. I have never once had to pay for a lucid dream."

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      im here for you
      well done. be sure to write it in your dream journal.

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