I haven't had a lucid dream in a very long time, but it felt awesome when I actually had one a week or so ago! I didn't even remember what most of the dream was about until the moments before I reached lucidity. Well, here it is.

I was driving a car down the road. I soon reached the edge of a desert cliff, stopping there to park. It looked kind of like the Grand Canyon, except that it really looked like nothing nearly like it. I looked at the sky. It looked like a bunch of abstract colors! "Is this a reality?" I asked out loud. No. (At this point my body was physically out of the car, seemingly just a few meters away from it)

It felt awesome, yet I was actually really calm. Thoughts were slowly processing through my head. I have to stay calm. I also need to be careful about not wandering off in this dream, or else it will end up like any other dream, just getting lost and losing myself in my head. I felt like going outside the background image currently generated in my own dream might somehow cause my lucidity to disappear, which I would not be too surprised about since it has happened to me in the past before.
I decided to try to test a new superpower from where I was standing... using the Force! I tried to extend my right arm to the right, to try to grab a random object (hopefully a lightsaber) and wielding it. Unfortunately, I failed to use that superpower in that instant . That was not the end of that, however. I started thinking, hmm, I can't use the ability with an extension of my right arm, so I'll try using my left arm... So I extended my arm to the left, trying to grasp the hopeful lightsaber...
And it worked! I was actually able to use the Force to grab an object. Except it was not exactly what I wanted/expected. Instead of a lightsaber, I got what is also called a "dual lightsaber" toy in real life, but this is made of plastic, only a one-sided saber, and has purple and green patterns. It was not what I hoped for, but it was enough.
I headed inside the church that I was planning to go into already before parking the car. I met up with my Spanish teacher for some reason, showing her my "weapon". At that point I pretty much lost lucidity, after going through a door in the church, and going through what seemed to be a maze of rooms...

Lesson(s) Learned?

I can move objects in my dreams without physically touching them, but with my left arm as a guiding influence.
Reality checks while awake really do affect your lucidity in dreams. I had, for the first time, checked to see if the sky was realistic the day before I went to sleep, literally thinking to myself that it didn't seem realistic, but that's reality for you.