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      Post My most recent lucid dream...

      This isn't posted in my dream journal as I had it about a week ago and hadn't found the forum yet.

      I was in a house that was also a museum. I wasn't supposed to be there, as it was a private residence, but there were several paintings and interesting artifacts and I had snuck in to look at them. After a few minutes, I noticed my hands and realized I was dreaming, so I decided to float up and zoom around the place.

      It's been a while since I've had an LD or practiced flying so I was a little nervous and my technique was a little off..I kept sort of bumping into the walls. Then the man that owned the house came in and I realized that if I stayed near the ceiling, he wouldn't see me. Around this time I think I started to lose a bit of control and get too excited. For some reason the thought crossed my mind that I couldn't stay levitated if he happened to see me and right then he looked up. Once he looked at me I fell to the floor, then I had a short FA and was not lucid in that one.

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      Well done on the lucid dream.

      if you get FAs a lot, the best thing to do is to train yourself to thoroughly reality check every time you wake up in bed. So that when the time comes that you wake up in bed and it turns out to be a dream. You will become lucid fairly easily.


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