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      Ah this is great guys, I just wanted to share it with some people who might actually appreciate it.

      So I was on the computer at quarter to 3 am, almost hour 41 of not sleeping. I had nothing to do so I thought about alpha-ing. I went to youtube, found a binarial beat random song with commentary, and closed my eyes.

      Almost instantly, EVEN before the beat started it was just talking, and I was there. It so so intense, I had my feet up sitting up in my char and I felt like I was laying down. Every breath I drew in made my body tingle, then the music started and it was just great. Only lasted a few minutes tho and I kind of woke up

      But yeah, I love it, and more people need to know about it xD

      Thanks for reading :]

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      It's because of the sleep deprivation. It causes massive REM rebound when you've stayed up for way too long. I can confirm that personally because I often stay up over 20 hours and end up having crazy dreams because of it. I haven't gone on a no-sleep marathon since I started trying to LD yet. I haven't had anything to do during the day to keep me awake long enough. I want to stay up at least 30 hours and then see if, because I've been doing things to help LD, I will have one or not.

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      I once stayed up for 30 hours straight, and done a few all nighters. I remember each time I went to sleep afterwards, I slept really badly and didn't have any dreams. Maybe because this was before I even knew of lucid dreaming, or whether that sleep deprivation is bad for lucid dreaming. I would put this to the test, but I don't really want to fuck up my dream journal and cycle, especially not now as two nights ago I was so close to getting lucid.

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