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    Thread: Unhappy ending

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      Unhappy ending

      Yesterday I took a flight to Indiana. The night before I didnt get too much sleep in hopes to fall asleep on the plane. To make a long story short, I got on the plane and and eventually fell asleep. I had been trying to lucid dream for about 2 days prior to this. This time I fell asleep and began to dream. When I started to dream I said to myself I want to lucid dream. All of a sudden I appeared standing up next to the seat I had fallen asleep in. I looked in my chair and found myself sitting there sleeping. For some reason, the realization that I was dreaming caused me to gasp for air in suprise of what was happening. The bad part about it was that when I gasped for air in the dream i actually gasped for air in reality. This confused me because I thought the body paralises itself so you dont act out your dreams.... in conclusion, my huge gasp for air caused me to wake up...pissing me off because this was the first time I acually lucid dreamed. What happened?

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      Hello, and welcome!
      It sounds like you got a little excited when you became lucid. I have done this many times before. It could also have been the sock of seeing your real/dream body still where you left it when you started dreaming. It is a bit of a sock on the first go, but you learn to deal with it and keep your excitement level in check so you do not want up.

      As for the gasping in real life like you did in the dream sometimes this is possible. Look at all the people who mumble and and talk while they are sleeping. I personally have a dream sign of trying to take gum or candy out of my mouth to talk in the dream; this is because making it to where I can not talk in the dream is my way to keep from talking in my sleep. my dream mouth is to full with candy or gum so I can not talk out loud.

      Take Care,

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      Something similar happened to me once: I was about to punch someone in the dream , my dream suddenly ended and I punched the wall in real.

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      Usually when u think about your body you wake up but you saw your body which makes it more likely for that to happen. As you progress at becoming lucid you may begin to see your duality. In which u start to understand that you function simultaneously on multiple levels . example third person perception. namaste.

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