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      My first lucid experiences. Few questions.

      So it's about 2 am when I began to fall asleep. I have been trying the WBTB and WILD tech but haven't had much success.

      I found a CD by Steve LaBerge with a lucid dreaming trance on it. I listened to it right before bed and I don't know if it is what did the trick but it worked wonders.

      Fall asleep directly after the track finishes, but when I start dreaming the phrase from the induction "who is aware?" is flowing through my mind still. And of course the next thing through my mind is "I am aware..." as i realized I am dreaming.

      It was my first lucid so I remembered to stay clam and take it slow.. Took a look at my hands and was amazed by how much detail there was as I repeated "stabilize lucidity". I convinced my DC wife that I was dreaming. (We both have been trying to lucid for a while so I guess my subconscious would let her grasp the concept) but couldn't convince anyone else.

      Went to a door and imagined that anything could be behind it and the opened the door slowly... And was presented with the Grand Canyon. I told myself that I would have a magic wand in my pocket then I reached in and pulled it out. Tried setting fire to a tree with it and it worked.. I tried to levitate a box but couldn't do so... Tried to picture somebody behind a door and opening it to see they were there, but nothing.

      It seemed about an hour and a half that I was in the lucid then I was awoken by the intercom calling for somebody in my dorm..

      Stayed up for about 30 minutes and fell asleep. By this time it was 11:30.. Start dreaming again and "who is aware?" ran through my mind. I was now lucid. As I continue to enter the building I was heading towards I feel a "being" grab my and pull me the other way. Nearly scared me to death by I realized it was all a dream. The dream scene was clear still, although I had lost the ability to move. (as is I was paralyzed laying on the floor of my dream) As I looked at my hands they were just blurs, but the dream was clear. I woke up again after a few minutes is sleep paralysis.

      Is it normal to partly be able to control your dream, but not fully?

      Should you be able to wake up from a lucid and recall the whole thing?

      Any idea what happened in the second lucid and is it normal?

      Nonetheless, I was excited to have my first true lucids!

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      Quote Originally Posted by OXxDiStUrBeDxXO View Post
      Is it normal to partly be able to control your dream, but not fully?
      Yes. Sometimes forcing things to happen is not the best choice though it do work sometimes. You should try letting it happen next time. Like for the levitating the box example you may have better luck disabling the gravity and let the box do whatever and not trying to force it up at will. I often find myself with crappy dream control. Last night my dream was kind enough to let me jump on a platform but my goal was to fly up there. Sometimes you gotta take what you can get. With that being said, nothing can limit you in dreams but trying to do something like destroying the world with a single punch may cause you to wake up where it would be easier to just destroy your neighborhood.
      Quote Originally Posted by OXxDiStUrBeDxXO View Post
      Should you be able to wake up from a lucid and recall the whole thing?
      If we couldn't then how would we be able to write them down? If you a god at dream control and becoming lucid but have a crappy recall then the first two skills would be kinda useless until you fix it.
      Quote Originally Posted by OXxDiStUrBeDxXO View Post
      Any idea what happened in the second lucid and is it normal?
      Sound normal to me. I not a lucid pro like some of these guys but it just sound like your dream derp to me. Maybe you lost your body possibly from that being that dragged you? You said your hands were blurs. Maybe you should create yourself a new body next time that happen. I normally dream in 3rd person myself so I usually know where my body is most of the time.
      Noticed things in my lucid dreams: Not scare of death (kinda forgotten Freddy special power of killing in dreams, opps?) Huge ego which cause me to summon monsters, most DC are useless and don't even speak.

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