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      Happy Birthday! I could not forget to celebrate your birthday! I know every day is.
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      Fool! I was testing you! That was task number 274 out of 1000.
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      OMFG!!! That guy is amazing. I <3 you.
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    Doing research at school about dreams and you are the first site that pop up after typing "dreams lucid".


    Noticed things in my lucid dreams: Not scare of death (kinda forgotten Freddy special power of killing in dreams, opps?) Huge ego which cause me to summon monsters, most DC are useless and don't even speak.


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    Mirror nightmare...Being brain dead

    by Zelkova on 10-18-2011 at 07:36 PM
    October 18, 2011.

    Yea, it been a while since I wrote anything.

    Anyway I look at a mirror and my eyes were roll all of the way to the back of my skull. I lift my eyelids as high as I can (without using my hands) to see that my eyes were looking to the top of my skull.

    Beside being freak out I look at my hands and they seem so real so that reality check failed. Normally I can tell right away if something a dream or not but this one was the rare case where I couldn't. I start panicking thinking I was going brain dead or something.

    Damn that mirror...
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Baseball to the face...Easiest task ever.

    by Zelkova on 09-27-2011 at 07:19 AM
    September 27, 2011

    I was in some kind of army training program. It was like the 2nd of week one and the guy require us to do random tasks just to be a dick. (It was kinda like boot camp...They are being pay to be dicks.)

    Anyway I forgot what the first girl had to do but he told a guy name Matt to punch me in the face with a baseball. He took the baseball casually out of his pocket and hand it to Matt. Matt didn't really hit that hard, he punch me between my eyes and my nose...If done hard enough I guess he could have broken my nose.

    He only gave three easy taps...Way too painless for a baseball. I just stood there being a good boy but it seem like the commander was impressed and not only counted that as my random task but also salute to me (which I salute back) and let me pick between the last two girls. I choose the black one honestly because it didn't matter and she was closer at the time.

    Before the commander could say anything the huge black commander said "Why do you still have that cake from your prom?" The black girl suddenly somehow obtain a car seat (for babies) and start hiding behind it. The commander said "stop hiding behind something made for your behind".

    (That was clever even for me...My subconscious is quite funny sometimes.)

    A guy look in the fridge (which was outside with all of us) and said there nothing there though in plain sight there was a orange cake with white icing. God I love that cake...

    Once pointed out THAT was the cake he said "I thought it was pudding or something." I guess he was looking for a stereotypical cake. I woke up at this point.

    Giant Lucid.

    by Zelkova on 09-24-2011 at 10:02 AM
    September 24, 2011

    I had a few fragments before today but I couldn't write as I hardly remember anything. I remember one was able finding a game I was searching for on a top 100 site. Was searching for that game for weeks but woke up before I got the name.

    Lucid dream non-lucid:

    My dream was basically a tutorial video of "right of way" (In the US we drive on the right side of the road) and it have a GTA feel to it.

    A odd cartoony car part happen but I can't even describe that into words. Basically I now unlocked i a GTA kind of way a unlimited supplies of fold up buckets. (I don't even know...) Which all seem to be the color red.

    I was at my storehouse where a guard saw me. He was taking out a taser to stun me I was trying to tell him that be better not and the dumb ass did it anyway.

    After I recover I told him that I OWN the place and that HE is fired. I was piss the fuck off. Anyway a woman was cussing out a different guard up front calling him a dumb ass. I walk up to her and we had an unspoken agreement. She said how she hated the bucket place which I reply "sorry, my bad. I own the place." which even then she seem to respect me enough to not cuss me out.

    I walk outside, at first it look like new york but it turn out to be a collage area with a BIG school. My storehouse was the school. I look at both of my arms and hands to notice that I was dreaming.


    I took off a ton of bracelets and just toss them to the sides til my arm was clean. One of which hit a dream character in the head. I just laugh.

    I grew demon wings and try to fly...Right away I knew it was failing so I glade downhill. At first my hands where interlock with each other but seeing my shadow and myself in 3rd person I notice how stupid I look. I relax them so they are more claw-like.

    Walking away from the main area to the side of the school my wings are no longer there. I decided to fly to the top of the building. I float up to notice the school is like a building stack on a building and so on. I notice I started to slow down then I finally hit my height limit to where I fall to the ground. It didn't hurt...I not the type to allow myself to feel pain in dreams.

    I walk some more to see a giant garden. Flowers everywhere. Purple, yellow, red, blue...But seem kinda random. I was thinking of waking my self up so I can write this into my dream journal but decided that for once I going to fully enjoy my dream.

    Getting past the garden the sky was suddenly night. I was thinking of a dog barking at me and how awful that would be right about now...Guess what happen?

    A dog started barking at me...It look like a friendly dog, white with black spots. Kinda like a sheep herding dog. While friendly looking he clearly didn't want to play...He was barking to be barking...Not being mean or playful.

    A woman came out of the trailer. It was Velma from Scooby Doo. He was all redneck though. Daphine soon join her to tell their mutt who happen to be the brown Scooby Doo now to shut up. I went inside to see a very small trailer space. Fred was making breakfast and I ask if he needed something because he was walking near me and it was a small area but he said no. Causing a lot of trouble he got to the microwave to put his cereal (include milk and a spoon) in. He ask how long does it take to cook but then randomly put it on 30 mins. Even in a dream I remember metal + microwave = bad. I turn it off and said nothing about it. I sadly woke up.
    lucid , non-lucid

    The nap where I got a pet rat

    by Zelkova on 09-21-2011 at 03:53 AM
    September 20, 2011

    Fell asleep and dream that I was in my living room with my bro on the couch and my dad on the chair.

    Sitting on the floor beside the table I was petting a rat that my dad have gotten me. The rat cough up a red ball which hit the floor while I was petting it. I notice he was trying to give it to me. Holding out my hand he cough up a yellow and blue ball. I pick up the red and lay them near him. He ate them and cough them up onto my hand again.

    I said "wow, this rat know tricks. He must be well trained". I spent some of my time petting him and overall he was VERY still. Finally he decided to run to the chair my dad was sitting and run behind him to the other side. My dad casually try to block him but he hop over his hand and went to the bathroom.

    I was making my way there but woke up. I can only wonder if the rat was potty trained also.


    by Zelkova on 09-19-2011 at 11:17 AM
    September 18, 2011

    During a nap I dream of myself being in my bedroom which was very dark. I was sitting up in bed looking at a clock. It wasn't a nightmare but easily could have been one. The clock is a old one and I was able to see behind of it while looking at the front. It was like space itself was bending around the clock (time and space? lol) I believe my dream was 4D.

    I was wondering but didn't ask the right question of "am I dreaming?"

    September 19, 2011

    Assume I was dreamless during the long period that I didn't write anything and last night.