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      First LD!

      After lurking around on this site for a little over a week I finally decided to join today after I woke up from my first (intentional) lucid dream. I've been keeping a dream journal for about 10 days now and my dream recall has been improving a lot since. but no matter how much I tried I just could never successfully trigger a DILD. But completely unplanned, last night, I had been sleeping very poorly, waking up every 1-2 hours, and at about 11 am, I woke up again, exhausted, turned over to go back sleep, but this time I noticed my brain was unusually active compared to the way my body felt, so I just decided to stay conscious for the entire process to see what would happen. And conveniently enough my brain didnt argue with me. I just laid there until I could no longer sense the outside world and then when I felt whatever I thought being asleep felt like I simply opened my eyes.

      Initially it was a bit of a struggle to fully open them and when I did, there I was laying in bed in a strange version of my room again. Everything was initially grainy and almost pixelated, but soon began to take form. For the most part the room was a desolate white square, but I out of my peripherals I could see nonsensical looking furniture that didnt have any true form until I looked directly at it. But as soon as I began looking around to really understand what was going on the clarity of the dream began increasing ten-fold. It began to become so clear and my brain began to do such a good job at filling my room with proper items everytime i looked away and looked back that I had legitimately questioned whether or not I was dreaming. It felt far more real than any dream I'd ever had before.
      So at this point, I decided to do some RCs. I tried the finger through palm to no success, and then I tried plugging my nose with my fingers. And I'm not sure why but it wasnt conclusive for some reason. When I plugged my nose, I couldnt tell whether breathing was harder or not. It just didnt give me the confirmation that I'd like. So I tried the RC that I usually did before I came upon this forum, which is flicking my cheek with a decent amount of force and checking for the sound, pressure and pain it produced. I tried it there and there was nothing. And to confirm I began to wail on my face, slapping it multiple times pretty hard. Again nothing. Awesome. Though i still wasnt 100% convinced. Like before I had my doubts I was ready to jump out my window, but when my initial RC's failed I decided to start much smaller lol.

      I initially wanted to be somewhere else, and I know how powerful suggestion is in these dreams, so I thought of a place that I hoped to see when I opened my room door, but it failed. And I understood even in the dream that the request was too vague and that even I didnt know what I meant specifically. So as I continued walking through my house. Out of any other ideas, the best thing that came to mind was obviously sex lol. So as I walked through my living room to the entrance of my house, I said aloud "I wonder if [name edited out] is here yet," not even pretending she had any other reason to be there other than sex, and when I opened my front door, there she was. Awesomeee. Dream 100% confirmed. Unfortunately as I invite her in, along with her was some other random dc that I did not recognize. Large, well built guy. He leads the way in and I politely stop him, laugh and say "no, not you." He looks at me confused, stops for a min but then continues coming in. That was annoying and he was much too big for me to start a fight with, esp since I don't really know too much about controlling things directly in my dream. So I decided to just close the door on them both and try again. But at this point my excitement for what was about to happen took over and I ended up ejecting myself out of the dream.

      I was ecstatic when woke up. That was by far the coolest and most vivid dream I had ever had. But honestly when I woke up it took me a few to confirm that I was really awake. My failed RCs in the dream had shook me up a bit and although it was very obvious that I was awake for real this time, I was really hesitant to get up and open my door as I would have been horrified to realize that I was still dreaming. That's how real the dream felt. But I'll be ready next time (hopefully) to try much harder on my RC's while dreaming, so the confusion won't persist.

      Anyway i felt like this was a fairly successful LD, esp for my first time and I was happy that I had it last the length of time it did. Can't wait for the next one!

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      Congratulations! Always a great feeling. Nothing like it. I wish you many more lucids haha.

      Also glad you decided to join us. Im sure the community will provide you with a whole slew of new things to try during or gaining lucidity.

      I myself suck horribly at RC's haha. Either I WILD, or I realize one thing thats off which makes me lucid. I should probably RC to make lucid on more levels but I can never remember to
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      great first lucid, sounds like it lasted pretty long! i woke up like 5 seconds after my first taste of lucidity hahaha

      glad you've joined DV too! Happy dreaming!
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