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      ahaaahaa Hey have you ever played metal gear solid 4? your bio reminds me of the backstorys of 4 of the bosses and how they ended up crazy and sadistic killers
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      I love pink bears.
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      I heart you
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      I love this image so much... It repeats so well.
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      Meakel that's a dope avatar you got there it's very original looking Namaste.
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      lol not all of them tho
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      you sure are
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    9. Well. Good.

      Also, your welcome for now having put a beautiful gif of Michael Scott to welcome your page viewers.
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      i am not........


      okay but in all honesty Pooh is awesome
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    About Meakel

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    About Meakel
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    I was born in a small village, deep in the northern wastelands of Siberia. It was a place where the weather was harsh and the people harsher, but it was home. With my parents and older sister, life was simple. Comfortable even.

    Then they came.

    Raiders. Mercenaries. Whatever you choose to call them, they're heartless, greedy men who kill for money. I was only six at the time. They overcame the villagers easily. Kalashnikov's versus pitchforks. It was a massacre.

    I hid. It was the only thing I could do. The splintered and dirty interior of my small house was the only thing that seperated me from the blistering cold, the screams of those I had learned to call family, and the monsters who were causing the mayhem. Suddenly the screaming stopped. After what seemed like an eternity, my parents told me in hushed tones to stay under the table. They headed for the door. I tried to beg them to stay, to hold me but the words would not come. I watched them through tears as they stepped out into the sheer white of the snow. They closed the door behind them.

    My older sister held me tight under the table. I was shaking. She told me not to worry but I knew she was too. We listened. As hard as we could. We strained to hear any sign of our parents well being. Then there was a shot. It wasn't very loud but the echo seemed to last forever. I heard my father shout. A shout I had never heard. It was an agony I had never heard my father express. But a second shot ended the noise and my sister and I were left alone in the cold darkness.

    We could hear voices. Unfamiliar voices. As they inched closer my sister tightened her grip. Her trembling fingers reached for a kitchen knife that had fallen to the floor. It was the knife my mother used to cut vegetables for soup. I could hear footsteps in the snow, but I drifted in my mind to the smell of my mother's cooking. A smell I would never get to experience again.

    The door burst open, the reflected light from the white snow silhouetting a large figure. My eyes adjusted to the sudden light, revealing the the dirt and blood that now coated what was once a beautiful blanket of white that covered my village.

    My sister brandished the knife at the intruder but I could see in her eyes that she was frightened. The man stepped forward, lightning fast it seemed, knocking the makeshift weapon out of her hand and my sister to the floor. He laughed. A horrible laugh. One of malice. He shouted out to his comrades outside but I heard nothing. All that I could think of was my sisters eyes. Red with tears, they struggled to stay open, silently willing me to survive. The man dragged her away to his friends just outside, their laughs still plaguing the air around them. I could hear the tearing of fabric. My sister screamed, and something in me snapped.

    All the fear I had held dissolved to become anger. Pure rage.

    Country Flag:
    The Forest
    Salmon, trees, hawt lady bears
    40 Ton Bear
    How you found us:


    Jen was 13 years old. A fairly normal girl. She spent a lot of time online.
    One day, she made a new friend. He liked the same bands, worried about the same subjects.
    They decided to meet at the local mall. She went. So did he.
    Only he wasn't in junior high.
    1 in 5 children online get eaten by wild bears. And you didn't even know bears could type.


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    Recent Entries

    7/26/11 - Slum Club

    by Meakel on 07-26-2011 at 08:05 AM
    It's black. I'm falling asleep and I'm surprised I noticed. I'm aware of my limbs but I can't feel my blankets. This blank canvas of a reality begins to form around me. It's almost like an abandoned warehouse but it's not scary or unnerving in the slightest. A bit of the paint around me is chipped a little, and the place is well lit, but most of what I remember is this feeling of openness and possibility. Whenever I realize I'm lucid two urges really push forward. Sex and powers. Sometimes I have the strong urge to go fly or practice telekinesis, other times, just horny. If I was totally aware every time, I would pick powers mostly because it's impossible in the real world and it's kind of waste to spend an entire LD on sex but I was already on the way.

    I knew I couldn't do anything in this empty place so I closed my eyes and span. The place I most connect with encounters with the opposite sex is the clubbing district in a city I used to live in. I ended up in a clubbing district when I opened my eyes but it wasn't one I recognized. It was significantly poorer than the one I remember. I went into the first open bar. In it were several friends from the city I'm living in now. None of which were actually into going clubbing funnily enough.

    I'll spare the sexual details but there honestly wasn't much. Everything stayed around 1st to 2nd base mostly for some reason.

    I wake up and go back into LD's four more times after this. I can't remember anything about them because they were all short and generally unstable. I do remember being on my knees, my hands flat on a dirt floor trying to stabilize the last dream before I gave up and just got out of bed.
    dream fragment , lucid

    7/7/11 - Wooden Room

    by Meakel on 07-17-2011 at 10:50 PM
    I hiding from someone. It's an authority figure. I with someone else. She's wearing black. I'm physically attracted to her and I feel like I know her but I don't. I don't recognize her. We're hiding in a room made entirely out of wood. It looks like a cabin. I can hear the authority figure coming closer. We kiss and I wake up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    7/17/11 - Rangle

    by Meakel on 07-17-2011 at 10:19 PM
    I'm running from something. Someone. I don't know. It's a field at first. A couple buildings on the edge. Suddenly the area quickly transitions to something along the lines of ancient Rome. Everything has a slight sepia tint to it as if it's not perfectly 'clean.' I run up a building and I find myself facing away from me, looking out a balcony over the ancient city. He turns around and its not me. I know his name is Rangle. I don't know why. I remember a spear being thrown. I don't remember who threw it or who it hit, but I woke up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    5/25/11 - Flying

    by Meakel on 07-15-2011 at 03:37 AM
    I was in a harbor town. The sky was this impossibly beautiful shade of blue, it was just barely past realistic. It wasn't a cloudless day, so the few that were there were beautiful. I'm by the sea. The water is this stunning shade of light blue. Like you see in pictures in resort brochures. It's the type of blue you expect an indoor pool complex at a five-star hotel to have. The sea is never this clean. On this concrete pier. There's a shop behind me with this bright red canopy. I can hear people laughing, the temperature is perfect.

    Then there are tremors. Small at first but the I begin to see cracks in the concrete. The laughing becomes screaming. The world seems to be swaying, tipping from side to side. So I jump.

    I dive into the water headfirst. I dive impossibly fast. Everything around me is a blur. The sounds of screaming and falling buildings is overwhelmed by the rushing water. As I get my bearings and slow down, I see hit the ocean floor. It isn't earth the though. It's ceramic. Like the bottom of a pool. I take a quick look around. That same shade of light blue is everywhere. There are no fish, no plants. Only endless ceramic.

    I can feel the cold glaze on the balls of my feet. The water is warm and there's a stark contrast. I don't remember taking off my shoes. I bend my legs and push off the floor. I shoot up. Insanely quickly. I launch out of the water but gravity never takes hold of me again. I'm flying. The wind has whipped off any dampness and now it's only me. I don't see a city, a sea, people...nothing. Only more sky. The feeling is beautiful. Flying.

    After a bit I can feel myself losing the dream. I start to feel gravity pulling again. Even worse, I begin to feel the warmth of my blankets. I close my eyes and fight for stability. I open my eyes again and I'm in control again. But I begin to fall. Not straight down, like a rock, but I glide down, like a bird.

    I break the cloud layer and I see this rocky terrain. It's hard dirt littered with rocks and the occasional weed. I ready my legs and I hit the ground running. The only thing in my mind is the urge to be in the air again. I want to fly. I'm running so fast. I'm barefoot still and the I can feel every pebble and grain of dirt against my skin. I'm hitting some larger rocks, and my feet begin to stumble. There is a dense fog all around me. I can't see further than meters in any direction. I'm determined to fly again though, and I don't lose much speed. I keep jumping as I run. But I can't get any lift. At one point I jump almost ten meters in the air and I panic as I fall to the ground. I'm not in control of my legs, they're running on their own. The ground begins to slope up in front of me. It's a hill at first but it starts getting steep. Not long after I'm almost vertical. I give myself one more mental push and I'm launched in the air once more. I break the cloud layer again and I'm greeted with the beautiful blue sky once again. Time slows as I watch the sun and beautiful cloudscape before me.

    I can feel my self falling again. But this time, I feel no anxiety or apprehension. I feel the clouds rush past me once more as I hurtle to the floor. I can see the wasteland again. The rocks I stumbled over, screaming towards my face.

    I wake up.

    5/14/11 - Windows

    by Meakel on 07-14-2011 at 08:10 AM
    It was a false awakening. I noticed it was a dream because everything had a much starker contrast. It was dark but the night sky was this impossible cartoon shade of dark purple-blue. I was compelled to run. I was lucid and I was excited. This immediately put intense strain on the whole dream and I could feel my blankets on my chest. I grasped at a banister by the stairs and rubbed it to stay in control. I knew it wouldn't last so my first instincts were to start sprinting outside so that I could enjoy my lucid before it snapped. As I ran into the large living room/kitchen area in my house, I could feel the dream slipping again and I sprinted towards the window above the sink in an attempt jump out. I remember jumping at it, noting the odd shade of the sky. But before I made contact with the glass, I could feel the blanket on me again an I woke.

    A shame.