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      Talking Had my first lucid dream, iupiiii

      For weeks i have been trying to have a lucid dream, so i quit trying a few days ago.
      Last night i had a lucid dream, but was too short. I didnt dream anything special. In the dream i remembered to do a reality check. So i pich myself on my arm. It didnīt hurt. Then i did it again. It hurted a little bit. So i thought that i was to wake up. So what i did was two laps myself ( it is a method to continue in the dream or it is just my imagination? ). I sucessufly continue on the dream and dont know why i resolve to pich myself again. And that really hurts. And then i wake up.
      How it is possible the pinch hurt me on the dream if in the reality i was still?

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      Well, Congrats on your first lucid dream.

      I find that pinching yourself to see if it hurts is a method that is more myth than fact, as from what I've heard, it never actually works and can be very unreliable.

      Some different ways of checking to see if you're dreaming is the nose pinching method. That's where you pinch your nose shut and try to breathe through it. If you can't, well, you're in reality. But if you can still breathe through it, then you've successfully entered the world of lucid dreaming. This method works without fail everytime for me.
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