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      Few questions about my experiences.

      I am in a dream and I get jolted awake around 6 hours of sleep. As I lay there I begin seeing flashes and hear a deafening ring in my ear. I find myself in a dream completely lucid.

      What is the ringing in my ears?

      I was lying in sleep paralysis after this dream when I awoke and it felt as if I fell out of my body and I was lying on the floor looking up at myself sleeping in my bed.

      Is it normal to stay in sleep paralysis even when you leave your body for an OBE?

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      What you experienced was a WILD (wake initiated lucid dream), and the ringing was just some hallucinations. Visual and auditory hallucinations are common when you are conscious while transitioning from being awake to asleep. I have heard people laughing and screaming before.

      I don't know much about OBEs but I feel like you have to be in sleep paralysis. Otherwise you would be controlling both your actual body and astral body.

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      Whenever you are asleep, you are paralysed, and I think OBEs are a form of dreaming so you were probably just having an unusual OBE. The ringing is definitely hallucinations associated with WILDing and the hypnagogic imagery (flashes of light). Think yourself lucky to have had an OBE.
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