Hi, first want to say thanks to Zebrah for his amazing lessons.

Basically I read a few books on Lucid Dreaming a couple of years back and started to get more vivid dreams, Now I thought that these were lucid dreams.. Started to forget about it and just 2 days ago did I search for it again and came to this site. After reading so many experiences I then knew I hadn't had a lucid dream. I went to the Dream Views academy and the courses and then Zebrahs Intro. Read all the lessons (this was yesterday) and kept on thinking about the DILD. I started trying to poke my finger through my hand and breath through my nose while I held it shut. Then went to sleep.

Now this is the weirdest dream I have EVER had, I was in a greyish field just like any other dream then I noticed my hand had a bent thumb and this was not normal. I looked and my hand and poked my finger through it realizing i was dreaming, then OPENED my eyes, I couldn't believe it but I was in the dream and able to move around and do what I want.. This must have lasted a whole 10 seconds or so but its absolutely amazing!!! I just can't get over the whole being blurry then opening my eyes and everything is just there like real life..!