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      Lucid. Non Lucid. Semi-Lucid.

      I had a wierd dream the other day. I can't remember much about it
      But I do remember that there was a lot of activity concerning the weather. I was in my house for some of the dream and during that stage I became aware I was dreaming and decided to test it - so I created a massive storm system outside of my home. Only...

      ...as the dream storm progressed and as I concentrated more on it, I lost some of my lucidity and the dream became confusing from that point. The last thing I remember were the clouds swirling and a lot of rain.

      Anything like that ever happen to anyone?

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      Losing lucidity is a fairly common occurrence; it's happened to me plenty of times. To help maintain my lucidity, I continuously remind myself that I'm dreaming, and touch objects, smell the air, and look around. I do this before doing any activities, because if you become too focused on doing something without prior stabilization or vocal confirmation that you're dreaming, you may forget that you're dreaming. You should remind yourself of this every couple minutes or so, even after the initial steps, unless you're very aware.

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