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      Thought I had died in a lucid last night

      Last night I had a super long dream back in high school and toward the end of it something really strange happened. I was walking out to the parking lot of the school and suddenly I became lucid because I could float.. but the dream before "shifted" and was so long and vivid I was sure it was waking life. I was really confused and thought that something had happened to me walking out to the parking lot and I had died. It was quite disorienting.

      Anyone ever had this kind of experience?

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      Would you believe I've killed myself in a dream? It was a lucid dream, before I knew what lucid dreams were, and the powers the beheld. I very young. I dreamed there was a wall of spikes closing in on me. I realized it was a nightmare. I tried everything to wake myself up, but to no avail. Then, I ran into the wall of spikes, waking myself up upon impact.

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      I've never experienced a dream where I've thought that - though I can imagine the panic you go through when you start to believe you've just died!

      I know I've 'died' in dreams before, but I normally wake up or end up in an FA and experience it without real panic or pain
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      I have never had a dream where I thought that I had just died. However, I do think I can relate to this experience. I have dreams often when I become lucid, there will be details in my dream trying to trick me into thinking that it was waking life.
      For example: I once had a dream where I became lucid but the dream was so realistic. I was with friends in my apartment and I knew I was dreaming, but everything felt off. Then I asked my friend, "am I dreaming?" She replied, "haha no but that's funny, I feel that way too sometimes. We're tripping remember?" I have never done acid but have always been curious so in my dream I got tricked into thinking that I was tripping and not dreaming. Later on in that dream, I remember my friend left a pack of cigarettes on my car dashboard. After a very long vivid dream of me with my friends "tripping on acid", I had a false awakening. I dreampt that I woke up and went to class, still confused about if the night before had been a dream or an acid trip. Then I saw the pack of cigarettes on my dashboard and I thought everything was waking life. Weirdest feeling! I finally actually woke up and reflected. It truly was a very disorienting dream.

      I think what we experience is our mind tricking us out of lucidity. I wonder why we dream like this. It is like our mind wants to fight us out of knowing that we're dreaming sometimes.

      Great dream! Sounds interesting.

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