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      The Playground Tubes Dream/Connectivity is Real, Looking for the Others

      I used to have lucid dreams on a regular basis when I was younger. Often they were so vivid that I would feel tired when I went to school from simply feeling as though I had been awake all night, like my mind had been on overdrive. I didn't know there was a term for it then.

      I had a re-occuring dream that lasted for several years and often it would happen every night, when I was about eight years old (I am now 23 and it's as vivid a memory as any other). It always started the same way, holding hands with my mother and step father as they led me to one of those Chuck E Cheese playground things. The ones with the color tubes that you climb all through. Once I was in the tubes there was no way out. I knew that I was dreaming and was fully lucid inside the tubes but could change nothing and could not escape. I often felt very claustraphobic and hopeless because of this.

      One night I found a girl in the tubes. She was a little older than me and we discussed our situation. She told me that she had this dream every night and can never find a way out. I asked her if she ever found someone else and she said no. We decided to search for an exit together.

      We found other children of various ages, about six of us in all. Everyone was vivid and unique and we all had the same story of the continuous dreams of the labryinth tubes. We then split into two groups to find an exit. Someone found something new and called out.

      We all met back up at the end of the tubes where we had discovered a very small wooden door. I asked the group if anybody had ever seen it before. After a unanimous "no" and some hesitation I decided to open the door. It led into a square room filled with balls about fifteen feet below. We all jumped in. I went to the corner and swam another ten feet or so into the bottom corner and found another small wooden door. When I came back up to tell the others they were all moving slowly and laughing and throwing balls at each other in a sort of slow motion. They couldn't hear me, the dream had taken them back. I went back down to the door.

      It lead into a hallway with linolium floors and double doors at the end, another hallway on the right with a small ball pit and menacing life sized stuffed animals. I was drawn to them against my will, the dream ended and I never had it again.

      The purpose of me recalling this dream on here is what happened many years later. I was at my girlfriend of 2 years (at the time) house hanging out with her and her best friend. The subject of dreams came up. Her friend (Sara) began talking about the reoccuring dream she had as a child (you guessed it) the tubes. She then talked about meeting a boy, finding a door going through it and never having it again. This was ten years after I had had that dream. I had told nearly no one about those dreams or that incident, I had not told my girlfriend and certainly not Sara. I was speechless when hearing this girl whom I had only known for about a year or two and did not know when the dream occured regal an experience that quiet obviously was OURS.

      Who were the others? Has anyone else had what to me seems like proof of connectivity in dreams? Similar experiences, or were you there with us? I want to talk to the other people who were there because I believe that we are all real and you were not projections of my subconscious.

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      oh my goodness, this is insane!! I had reoccuring dreams as a child as well but never met anyone from any of them. I'm so intrigued...

      1.) Are you still with this girl? Maybe she's your soulmate or something.
      2.) You should try to induce a lucid dream and go back to that place and meet up with the children as a child again. See if the dream progressses from there. I have a lucid dream every single time I wake up naturally, and then fall back asleep as soon as I wake up. Those are my easiest lucids to control and works every time. You just can't have anything to do that morning. It may be difficult but it will happen when it is supposed to!
      3.) KEEP ME UPDATED!

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      I had dreams about getting lost in the playground tubes at Chuck E. Cheese's when I was young. It sounds like the same sort of thing, but they just stopped eventually. I don't remember anything about a secret door. That must have been amazing - meeting someone who remembered the door and everything.

      I know you don't need me to tell you shared dreaming is possible, heh. I recommend UcfGirl's suggestion, too. Try to put yourself back in that dreamscape and see what happens.
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      The girl that I had met in the dream was my girlfriend's (whom I am no longer with) best friend. I know her pretty well and I don't think we're soul mates haha but were possibly destined to meet for some reason. I have yet to really start inducing lucid dreams again. A couple of months ago I had two that had some incredibly interesting implications that relate to this other dream which is why I've been thinking so much about it again. I will soon post the story of these other dreams as well as my new somewhat horrifying experiences as of late. I'm sure that if I put effort into inducing lucid dreams that I will not find much difficulty in it since I used to have them all the time growing up but the last couple months I've actually been afraid to go to sleep. Never thought about consciously trying to go back to the tubes though, that is an interesting idea. Thank you for your response, stay tuned.

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