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    Thread: Flying with my cat

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      Flying with my cat

      I just woke up from my first LD . I've been writing in my DJ for 2 days and 've been performing about a million RC in this time.

      I was dreaming i am speaking in teamspeak to my little brother, all excited talking about LD and a video of the science of sleep paralysis i've seen in the beginners section of this forum and i desperately tried to post him the link of the video, but the screen of my PC was just black and my eyes really exhausted and i could bearly see, and thats when it struck me: am i dreaming ?
      i tried a half-hearted RC on my hand but i couldnt even see the hand because i was too tired / it was too dark. I gripped my nose and BAAAAM LUCID - oh yeah!

      I was all excited and the first thing that came in my mind to do was flying. I just let myself fall to the ground flat and nothing happened.
      So i opened the window of my room and ran in the direction of it ( while i was running i wasnt 100% sure i was dreaming, but since i live on the first floor i thougt: what the heck, it wont hurt too much ) an jumped out of it.

      There i was, flying outside my flat. One of my cats followed me, and since it was a dream i allowed her to follow me ( its an old "inside-cat" ). She was jumping/flying like a balloon that lost air .

      Unfortunately i lost focus there and woke up just too perform another RC, realising i am still sleeping and closing my eyes ( i am an idiot ), which ultimatly caused a real awekening.

      Looking forward for more
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      Nice dream! That was a good read.

      Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks. I've been having 3 more since then. I seem to be on a lucid dream every other day schedule .

      Unfortunately I seem to focus too much on having sex during my lucids. I try to change that, even though it feels awesome and way more intense than in real life plus you get to do whatever you like, which is also nice.

      In my third lucid dream i had a dreamgasm which seemed to continue even though i kinda lost lucidity and i think i had some kind of false awekening, because i thought i was lying under my girlfriend finishing in her... kinda strange.

      Luckily no mess

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