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    Thread: Basically the worst lucid dreaming fail ever.

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      Basically the worst lucid dreaming fail ever.

      Ok, so here's what happened.
      After a few cloudy dreams that were not lucid, I had full consciousness in a dream finally. This was my first night of learning about/trying lucid dreams. So I was (and I still am) very inexperienced.

      So what happened was I was flying above the clouds. I saw a castle and said "Lets go and look in a mirror." I guess I was trying to do a reality check. I was completely aware though in this dream. So then I re-appear on the castle walls, and I look in the mirror, and I see myself with a frog head and in a suit of armor. For some reason I freaked out, and I was deathly scared. But my mind and body were acting very strangely, so I was practically awake. I could almost hear myself lying in my bed because my bed squeaks a lot. And I'm trying to wake up, but all I can see is that image of me in a suit of armor and with a frog as a head. I can almost feel myself lying down on my bed. I was yelling to myself to get up, but then I started muttering in real time. Then I could still see my dream, hear myself mutter, and almost open my eyes up. Finally I opened my eyes and it was like I was wide awake. I looked around, looked at my hand, I was awake.

      I had a similar experience where I woke up, I knew that I was in real life, but then as soon as I closed my eyes, I started to dream, I was looking at my hands in my dream, but I was fading in and out of consciousness. I knew it was going to be lucid, but for some reason I was scared of it, and I kept trying to get away, but I couldn't move my body. I was stuck. I was forcing myself to move back and forth, but I could only open my eyes, but I was still no able to move.

      Lots more practice for me I guess

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      Not a fail at all, it's a huge win! You became lucid the first night you tried it... wish that would have happened to me!! Took me a few months for that 1st one, and it only lasted about 3 seconds before I woke up. That's common for your first few lucids, to get excited and wake up or to let it fade back to a regular non-lucid.

      Nice sleep paralysis experience in the last paragraph!! Don't be scared of it... going through SP is a way to get lucid right off the bat. Keep at it... you'll just get better at it!

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