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      Woke up 1 minute ago

      Well, I just woke up with my laptop on my chest so I'm gonna tell you what I dreamt.

      I was dreaming of something stupid/unimportant at first, I was in my house, running from something, my dog was there too and he started barking at a wall in my room. I went to see what was wrong with the wall (there was some kind of crack or a symbol or something) and I realised I was dreaming.

      I remember saying to myself, I'm dreaming. Suddenly the dream started to dissipate, I could feel myself being "elevated" from the dream. Everything started becoming white, I could no longer see my room or anything else. I tried shouting commands like "stabilize dream!", to no avail. I tried to "anchor" myself to the dream by smelling and opening my senses. I was still losing control.

      I started feeling dizziness. I felt like my body in the real world was being elevated from my bed. At the same time, parts of my body felt like they are being swallowed by quicksand. Everything inside my head was spinning. Despite this, I still kept trying to stabilize the dream by imagining a beach to which I was hoping to teleport to. Alas, all I could see was white.

      The whole lucid experience lasted about 20 seconds. When I woke up, I had sleep paralysis for about 5 seconds. My head hurts a little. I've had a couple of similar experiences before.

      If you know what I'm talking about and have any ideas to share, how to avoid this or whatever, please post.

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      Aww sorry to hear that your stabilisation didn't quite work out. Keep practising it - its a very important step towards having lengthy LDs.

      Good job.

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      try looking at your hands! its easy and usually effective

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