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      Does anyone else have this experience?

      I just joined, because I had questions about my LD experiences. Hi, everyone!

      I've had quite a few lucid dreams (never really tried or trained to lucid dream purposely, it just happens). The moment I become lucid, everything in the dream freezes. People stop moving, sounds stop playing, etc. Then everything sort of.. shatters, for lack of a better term. Does anyone else experience it this way?

      Also, once everything shatters, I'm left with blackness which I can (sometimes, rarely) control. But if I try too hard to control it, my body wakes up. Why is this? Is there any way to stop it? It seems like telling myself "No, do NOT wake up!" just makes it more likely to happen.

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      Never happend to me, however I would try to remain calm and not try too hard to control as you would probably wake up as you said. Stay in the blackness and try visualising a dream scene and you may just end up in one, also if you stay in the blackness, and you feel that you have awoke form the dream, stay motionless and you could possible get a DEILD.
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      Well that blackness has left you with a blank slate in which to create, now all you have to do is find a way to materialize a landscape.

      Simply imagining a place you know from memory may be a good way to start. Imagine your front yard, what the street in front of you looks like. The picture is hazy at first but then it gets clearer and clearer, until you reach out with your hands and touch the grass. And then there you are, standing in your front yard and you can go from there.

      If you just float there in the blackness with no intention, you will probably gravitate back to your waking body. Create a different focus for yourself - focus on a new dreamscape.

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      Doesn't happen to me, but I've ended up in a black void where I'm spinning and floating.
      On another forum they said this might be the "3d void" and that it was a stepping stone
      to one of the higher realms, which sounded exciting to me, but I never got back there.
      It does sound to me like you also could be getting an invitation to expand and explore
      in the astral, rather than the typical dreamscape. Of course, this is all speculative.
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