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      Lightbulb Conclusion and an Incredible Phenomenon of Ideogy

      Just an excerpt of a far-fetched thought-process.. but there is so much more to ask.
      Without any antecedents, history in LD as you know it. Considering the possibility of what knowledge of insurmountable grandeur I was struck with, unknowing of the reality that was approaching me from beyond.. the second one I guess, indescribable, untouchable, indestructible and superior.. Unseen, unheard of...
      Each day is different, no matches at all.. no similarities between the courses of days, still my sense of time is immaculate... literally.
      Imagine the scene.. On my way home, on a conventional coach, amidst the pandemonium of external disturbances and the rocking gas-powered engine... facing the scenery, habitually staring out of the filthy, poor excuse for what is called a translucent window-thingie. Falling asleep in an unexpected manner in the least expected time interval, right in the middle of my daily travel, still being aware that I am experiencing a duality of distinctive realities... And nothing can stop me or block me, nor mentally neither physically.
      It occurs right after I get lost in my thoughts on most occasions expect for the rarely occurring possibility that I am blank, but normally daydreaming all the time... My vision is supposedly unaltered, eyes wide-closed, to external sounds I am dumbfound, like a hearing-impaired, but an internal force begins to draw me towards a text-based realm, enabling me to read excerpts from God only knows where.. was like a database log entry, within my own mind? It is all so clear.. It is me, it should be me, but it isn't. It still isn't anyone else, it is like my subconscious embodied itself for a little while, dazzling me with its potentials, making me envious and nostalgic. I could melt into it eternally, for it has a potentially unlimited resource of power, energy is never running out. Who or what keeps it that way, what is the key to keep it activated? How to attain, retain and maintain this state of consciousness? which.. Isn't a vision, reality, not even a dream. It would be self-contradictory to how we define dreaming. Self-contradictory, being present in two realities simultaneously. A vision is closer, still improbable. What's the conclusion? What's the point of all this? Being tuned into another frequency, an ultra brainwave-beat? If our mind can possibly be so powerful in itself, why don't we exploit its whole potential? Instead we keep suffering in the physical realm, when we could make objects reappear and vanish at will, no deficiency of anything, fulfilling our wildest dreams and desires. And how could one possibly convert these phenomena, which undoubtedly consist of some elusive, uncharted, idle type of energy? Jolts of energy, without even passing the central control system, the brain? Why not save the sweat and release electricity, for instance, directly into the air?

      Back to the phenomenon: In a fragile fragment of a second, I doze off, I abrutply stop worrying about the ideas falling into oblivion, I am knocked off by my subliminal, discarding of everything else... for it doesn't matter really, it ends up in the same place everytime, regardless whether I am willing to admit it or not. Into an initial universe of mine, a second reality I have unknowingly procreated along the months, years with the thought processes I pursued, omitting astral travel which I failed to realize any further than the ceiling.. A brand-new universe I fail to enter or make mine, unify with it. We were destined to have born that way, and it arises problems in reappraising the reason of our spiritual restriction.. accessing things we are not supposed to, proves to be rather hard indeed.. On Earth after all, might not be thankful to the malevolent spiritual entities blocking us off, keeping us in false security. We are naturally, by default are taught to dispose of all which appears to outlandish nonhuman realms and abolish any trail of it, by which we could hold on to, progressing in our individual quest for the truth, what is out there, as every road leads to Rome. Experiences are not the same, varies in each individuals but the end result reasonably is the identical one. I am not at all a simpleton, far from that, I am a human being as I gathered, but I am not applying any serious techniques some of you describe to attain this alternate, third type of experience.. Knowing what I dimly know and have experiences, they are all in vain.. when there are simpler ways, techniques, but you choose to move along with the unnatural, exhausting, unnecessarily complex ones. I suggest you take it off your schedule.. ask your subconscious, get convinced yourself. Solely your own self is the key for your own development, personalize, simplify techniques so that they suit your own atmosphere. So, those techniques you mention? A waste of time. I am no different than you in any way, so everyone can do what I can. Just keep an open mind, there are no limits to what you keep reality. A multiple of universes, those of a movie-series, like LOTR, Harry Potter. All of them operate as a limited Universe, omitting certain elements. But I can't describe my point any further. But what I would like you to finally realize is the fact that.. The universe needs no words to express.. a loss of quality is apparent, while striving, thriving to describe and share your spiritual experiences... Projecting right from your mind, even the impulses, decoded sentiments you have lived through would be the solution, the reconstruction of experiences, apart from sheer pleasure. Notions, words, such as time which keeps us alive and kills us at the same time, are merely an excuse for the restricted, sackmeat-bound humanity stuck on Earth. While the vast majority evaluates, highly appreciates mass junk-books, hoping that by reading a hundreds of pages they would know more and become master of anything..

      Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading! Comments, consequent questions are much appreciated.

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      although understanding content or thoughts projected is futile in a sense because as soon as it is said, it branches off into infinite fractals of meaning, being skewed off its original meaning. Like the "truth" can always be followed back to its source, the explanation of truth can as well. when we resonate with something, the feeling we then have within us is connected infinitely to the feeling the content was meant to evoke. any content is the biggest lier, but is always right and true.

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