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      First LD after getting interested again.

      I signed up here a while ago, but fell out of the habit of things and lost what little control I did have. I recently got interested again, and this was my first result, and it brought up a few questions.

      It started after I fell back asleep after waking up to my alarm (I wasn't trying).

      I remember being in my house, and I was watching some old Christmas movie. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went, and I noticed that the bathtub was full of tiny swimming baby deer. I didn't find it odd, and went about doing my "business". A few seconds later, I glanced back at the bathtub, and it had significantly less deer in it than before, and there was no way for them to have gotten out. So I wound up doing an RC (breathing test), and after a few seconds, it worked, and I became lucid.

      The dream started to destabilize, so I started rubbing my hands together. I wound up closing my eyes on accident, but instead of black, I saw a bunch of floating, colored lights. I opened my eyes when I felt comfortable, and I wound up in a fancy restaurant with my parents. I felt numb all over, and still kind of "floaty", so I kept rubbing my hands until that went away. I wanted to get up and leave the building as soon as I could, so I stood up, and my mother commented on how my clothing was "inappropriate", I looked down and it was the same thing I had been wearing in the bathroom scene. I wanted to try changing my clothing, so I looked them in the eye, and said "would a suit be better, like this?", looked back down, and I was wearing a light black suit.

      At that point I really wanted to leave the building to explore, but when I started to head for the exit my mom got up and grabbed me by the arm and wouldn't let go, no matter how hard I pulled away. I had the idea to set off the fire alarm to distract them and get away, but the pull station was too far away (it was in the waiters' station), I was still being held, and there were people in the way. But my desire must have influenced the dream characters, because one of the waiters went and pulled the fire alarm. I was able to pull away at this point as the alarm went off. It was a cool alarm too, voiced, went along the lines of "attention all customers, a fire has been reported in the building. Please proceed to the nearest emergency exit" followed by the usual whooping sound. All the characters started panicking and made a mad dash for the exit. I went for the front exit as well, which were glass automatic sliding doors. I noticed that in addition to the usual American exit sign, there were British style ones near the floor as well (been watching too much BBCA, I guess). I tried to get through the exit quickly, but there were too many people to get through quickly.

      I managed to squeeze my way through, at which point I was awoken by my sister blasting music from the bathroom. Damn.

      During my "first" LD, I managed to:
      1. Stabilize the dream
      2. Change the dream scene (unintentional)
      3. Change my clothing
      4. Influence a character to do something with my mind (unintentional)

      So after all of that, I had a few questions:
      1. Is it normal to become numb/tingly during a destabilizing dream? I've never noticed that before.
      2. The colors when I had my eyes closed during part of the dream. Was that actually HH during my exiting the dream and entering another one, or just part of the dream?
      3. I've noticed that being held back/grabbed by people during dreams is a somewhat common theme. Anyone else notice this?

      Hopefully now that I've triggered one, I can get more in the near future, and maybe get some during the night where other people aren't going to wake me up. I've tried some induction techniques before, but I haven't had much luck with them, but maybe now they'll work better now that I've reminded my mind that it's possible.

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      Fun dream you had.

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