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    Thread: Took a super nova to the face

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      Took a super nova to the face

      Basically, my dream started off with me flying around in space and comming across the sun. Me halfly knowing this is a dream and halfly lucid spawned up a bomb and flew into the sun where I tucked it in. I was gazing at some wierd amoeba like gel things which make light when I forgot my bomb was going off so I got that explosion which launched me out of the sun making me Lucid then I could see the sun becomming red which prompted Kun (My mind guide, yea I have one don't hate.) to neutralize all of my nerve receptors, a split second before the Super Nova happened which ment I felt no pain but I blacked out and ended up on an earth which was burning.

      Kun immediately told me to leave the dream because my body temp is 4 billion degrees and all the water in my body was bursting through my skin. My tounge and all was swelling up in my mouth making it hard to breath the damp air. I escaped my forcing control on myself (It does not feel good to take control btw, it's hard and leaves me exhausted in the dream) and shooting myself out of the solar system, witnessing the damage dealt by the sun.

      It was a pretty entertaining dream and the part that shocked me the most was that I was still dreaming after I got that blast to the face.

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      Wow, that was quite a lucid dream indeed.
      And yeah, it's common myth that being knocked out/blacking out ends the dream, really it varies from person to person.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Scionox View Post
      It's common myth that being knocked out/blacking out ends the dream, really it varies from person to person.
      This blackness thing is really weird, I think. At least, for me it is. If I "stay" in a dream for too long, it starts fading and I see the blackness of my eyes. But if I keep thinking about the dream with my eyes closed for about, 30 seconds, it starts replaying where I left off. But I can still see the blackness. And, the dream though. If I try to talk in the dream I end up mumbling out loud, says my mother. So I'm afraid to have sex because I might end up humping the couch..But yeah. I'm not sure if I should count this as DEILD or not, but whenever it happens I'm usually a little lucid. Like, I recognize the blackness but don't understand it. It's really strange.

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      Im onidrako btw and yea it was pretty nuts @[email protected]
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