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      Cool 5th lucid and more control than ever befor

      i went so sleep as usual stayed up a little late watching TV.

      in the dream i was in my school in a cooking class and we where making something that looked like a combination between a chicken and a fish (dont ask me why) and it was already halfway throu the class and i did not know how to cook it so i sat there and watched others and the teacher said to present your dishes and i put the chicken-fish between slices of bread and on a plate and brought it up and i knew it was bad but i used my mind to make it taste good (not lucid yet just did it non lucid) when the teacher saw it she said raw! and ui said just try it and she did and was like ok u passed
      and one of the other kids in the class said "u dident even fry it" and i said "i used my mind powers" and thats when i became lucid i left the class room
      to go to the principles office and i wasent sure where it was i saw a corner and said around that corner is the principles office and it was, so i went in and up to the front desk and the the person that was usually there wasent they said she went home sick and to just go back (even while lucid i still talk to them as if there real idk why) and when i reached his offic it was a bathroom and he was in the farthest stall from the door and i look at my hand and try to make a pipe to beat him with ( he was a very annoying principle) and i coudent i tryed really hard and i woke up.

      PS. iv heard of people stabilizing or clarifying there dreams, iv never had to do that everything is always in focus and i dont wake up till my normal time
      every day is that normal for some people not to have to stabilizing their dreams?

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      I've only had to stabilize a few times, most of my dreams are pretty vivid. Good to see you're making progress with dream control, though. Congrats.

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