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      lucid dream control Vs DayDream control

      Has anybody noticed how hard dream control really is compared to daydreaming? one thing I realized in lucid dreams is that, control is nowhere near the same as daydream control. in day dreams and I mean vivid ones, not fleeting thoughts, everything performs when and how I want it to where I have like 90% control over everything.
      in lucid dreams, absolute control requires a lot of energy, I mean you really have to FOCUS on making something appear or change because in dreams the things you experience are more concrete. in day dreams, I could summon a giant beetle as soon as I think it but of course thoughts are nowhere near as concrete (or as detailed) so the imagery will leave as fast as it came. I was in a lucid dream today and I was trying to create a black hole in the floor of my bedroom but nomatter how hard I tried, I couldn't do it. in another WILD the entire time I was trying to summon a naked woman to have sex with but I could never do it, I tried believing a naked woman would be on the other side of a door or corner but I couldn't never get it to work. I got it to work once but I had to try extremely hard to do it.

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      I agree. And i think you may have answered your own query: daydreams are less concrete than lucid dreams. Also, I think that you struggle more within a lucid dream than waking life because there is that extra factor which is your subconscious. It kinda 'interferes' more when you are asleep, making things happen without you wanting them to. (I'm not saying that's bad all the time though.)

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      Practice and years of effort. You are correct that it is harder, but you can improve to have almost god like control. I recommend two things. First, learn mental discpline and meditation skills while awake. Second, train yourself in your LDs by starting with tiny easy goals and sticking to that goal. Then move on to larger goals. Rather than attempt to summon a naked woman your goal may be simply to summon anyone. Try entering a room a knowning some one will be there. Then expand in to more difficult things when you master an easier task.
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      Quote Originally Posted by intheworldofnim View Post
      where I have like 90% control over everything.
      Why only 90%? When you daydream you have full control on everything, I think. It's like movie, but you can always correct some scenes. Except if you mean something else by DayDreaming... Do you?

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