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      another cliffhanger lucid dream

      I was free falling with several colleagues,and not one of us had a parachute. We used our shirts like parachutes but it didnt work. The view was awesome, I remember seeing thouasands of trees as we flew over a mountain. "It would be sweet to have a wingsuit" i thought. when we started coming very close to the ground the was a long rectangular tent that i was hoping to land on, but we just missed it. several people groaned in frusteration. We flew right past it ad the ground was coming up fast. I told myself if I bounce off the ground, Im dreaming. Lone behold, i bounced off the ground when I landed. I realized it was a dream so i took off running. I came around a corner and saw a man and his kid getting into a car in a dim lit room with knee deep water. the man said something about his reality being messed up, so i figured i would spice it up a little. i snapped my fingers and the dim lights went out. on the other side of the room there was a girl with a pet shark that looked like it was right out of a comic book. i wanted it so i started calling for it and sure enough it came. I ran over to the van, and the shark followed me. i was worried it would bite me, but it didnt. i hopped into shotgun. a familiar voice behind me said "paging chandler" I turned around and it was alex in the back seat. i started going back there and had to climb over abby to get there. Sonja and i made eye contact then kissed for a long time. after the i leaned into her ear and said your a good kisser. i was a little creeped out when i realized her ear was a little bead with a huge hair coming out. i figured i had enough of her so i moved up the the middle seat. i looked at the window intrigued. i stuck my finger on it and the window started to ripple like water. it was like the glass had turned to water when i touched it. i flicked it, and ripples formed around the spot i flicked. it looked awesome. i showed jack and he claimed it was some sort of science trick so i told him to try it. he turned to his window and stuck his finger on it. nothing happened. i went over there and did the same, only when i did it the window turned into a sheet of water again. i wanted to test my conjuring skills so i told jack to check the bag in front of him, as there is a bird inside. the bag was cluttered with all kinds of garbage and a small box. I convinced myself there was a bird inside. he stuck his hand inside and took it out. no bird. but when looked into the box there was a small yellow chick. I was surprised i was able to conjure a bird. i wanted to try teleporting to i stuck my finger on the leather chair in front of me and forced a small pitch black portal to form. i stuck my hand inside and all i felt was the other side of the seat. i figured i would try the mirror way of teleporting, but i had no mirror so i improvised with the car window. i ran towards it with all my force while telling myself i would teleport. i went thru the window and started falling toward the ground but while i was in midair there was a moment of blackness, and when it was over i hit the ground. In a new world. I was at some sort of fair. there were tents all over with colors and stripes. i rubbed my hands and looked at my surrounding s. it was windy out. a man was standing outside his shop/tent advertising. i was grinning ear to ear because that was the first time i had teleported. i was happy i teleported but i thought this place was lame, so i tried the spinning technique. i wanted to see some babes so thought of a beach and started spinning. one second i was spinning, the next i was at a beach. i turned to the left and there were four babes i had never seen before. i could tell it was cold because thy were all wrapped in towels and shivering. they all started asking questions like where were you?? what took you so long?? and just when i was about to get to the fun part, i woke up

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      A few nights ago I had a thrilling lucid dream.

      The dream was truly bizarre actually, since in my head I understood that I was in reality still asleep in my bed even while I was gliding over the city at several million kilometers an hour. While I understand that it took a lot of experimenting to attain this level, I certainly conclude it was worth the time.

      When I intially heard of lucid dreaming I tried a bunch of free Internet "courses" I found while skimming online blogs. However, after experimenting with these approaches for just under three weeks I continued to have no authority over my nightmares.

      I conclude that the pivotal element that they were missing was the direct sound tracks that I got when I bought a qualified lucid dreaming guidebook with noticeably good feedback, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track. Here's a review - reviewspanel.com/lucid-dreaming-fast-track.

      Now I can pretty much go to anywhere I like (though generally I prefer travelling across the world).

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