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    Thread: Letting the dream take you (going with the flow)

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      Letting the dream take you (going with the flow)

      Have you ever tried to stay still and let the dream take you where he wants to, like letting yourself go with the flow? This was my experience in today's lucid dreaming:

      I begin to see some pictures forming in front of me. Looks like a road made of black stone. I do not know if i'm dreaming or if it is real, but something tells me i'm dreaming. I'm still not entirely within the dream. I'm half way through. It seems that the front half of my body is in the dream and the back half is not. I'm in the middle of the passage, as if going through a portal. I'm feeling the vibrations in my body. I start to run, I look at my hands and "pop", I'm totally inside the dream.
      I cross the stone road, i look around the street and recognize it. I have been here on a previous dream.
      I stop running and i look at my hands to stabilize the dream. The hands are vivid. I count the fingers. I have 10 on the left hand and 11 on the right. Curious that, when I look at my hands, there seems to be 5 fingers on each one, but when i count them, more fingers appear.
      I decide to try to do what I thought before falling asleep, which was to put me in the lotus position (typical of meditation) and ask for the dream to take me where it wants to or show me something that interests me.
      So i do it. I cross my legs and go into a lotus position. I have much more elasticity here than in real life. I do not close my eyes and make the request. I'm up in the air and the dream begins to take me.
      The dream takes me to fly a few feet forward, cross a road and go near a building. I go inside the building. It has low visibility but i see a wide corridor and there are what appears to be mexican indians. After that corridor, there's a restaurant. There are several people eating, all silent, no talking. They are all sad and depressed. They also seem mexican, or from other South American country. There are men and women, mostly middle-aged.
      I look around the restaurant, even pass through walls and windows. When i go for a 2nd round i say:
      - "If you want to put me talking to someone, do it now."
      But i still fly 5 seconds more, the i wake up suddenly.
      This whole trip was all my dream's action. I did not do any action. I just let it take me.

      Has something similar happened to you? Where did you go?
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      That sounds cool. I have tried meditating a few times, most of the time woke up after that and a few times a new dream started. But I did not ask the dream to show me anything. I should try that next time I remember.

      Edit: The one I remember made me wake up in another room. I started doing TK on a plastic bag, but moved the curtains instead.

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