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    Thread: first time lucid

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      first time lucid

      This is a repost from the newbie forums as it is an itroductory to me as it is also a first lucid experience. Enjoy the read

      Hello fellow lucid dreamers. I'd like to start off with thank you. I came across this site while delving into lucid dreaming. I heard about it on a Facebook post which referred to WILD and how you could hallucinate and trick your body into sleeping. While at first my only goal was to achieve some sort of new age high if you will, as I delved deeper into the subject I saw there was quite a bit more too it than that and shifted my focus into achieving inner knowledge. This site helped me immensely and last night I achieved my first lucid dream after only night 5 of practice. So again thank you for such an amazing experience and all the tips and tricks. It lasted 15minutes because of the hand rubbing and spinning trick.

      So a little about me and my first lucid dreamI'm josh a 26year old male. From Canada. Ive been trying to LD for about 5nights usingThe standard prereqs. Dreamlog, 20mins of meditation (usually right after work right before the gym) and random reality checks. (Mine is the plug your nose and try and breathe). I already live a healthy lifestyle and after reading up more on ld i realized my ultimate goal was to learn more about my inner self.*My first lucid dream happened after a 5hour sleep cycle. I set my alarm for the 5hour mark (4 20am) and read about lucid dreaming for the next half hour. I then set my alarm to go off every 15mins to confuse my conscious and unconscious self. It worked. I was standing on my dads street which is on the other end of town. I became lucid on this fact alone. I did my reality check and realized hey this is a dream. So I looked down at my hands and demanded clarity and let me tell you what an experience. The clarity and vividness as I'm sure you know was astonishing. I rubbed my hands together to calm down and noticed one of my DC standing off in the distance. I tried my hand at flying over to him but could only muster a good 25foot jump. That alone was amaxing. I asked my DC who wasn't anyone of my friends or anybody I knew to show me something different. Show me something insightful. Oddly enough he replied with "I have no way of taking you anywhere to show you anything" I told him that wasn't a problem. I could take him anywhere he would like. apparently I need a vacation because my DC told me to take him to florida. I then tried the trick mentioned on the site for teleportation. I spun myself in a circle, visualized the palm trees and clear ocean of florida and boom there I was. I walked along the beach taking in the warmth, the sounds of the seagulls, and the clarity at which my conscious mind was seeing for the first time. With frequent reality checks and reminding myself I was dreaming I walked down the beach to a dock. I might add the beach was pretty packed with dc's. Passing by a stunning brunette along the way, the urge to start having sexual fantasies with her was high but I resisted said urge. I didn't want my first lucid dream crash halting because of my inexperience to deal with the rush of sensory overload. I tried a cannonball off the dock and did another good 40foot high jump :p I crawled onto my friends tube and he took me tubing for the last few minutes of the lucid dream which was a lonnnng tube ride.

      Anyways I just wanted to share my dream. Its an amazing experience and I'd like to thank the site and forums for all the tips and tricks on making my first time much much more enjoyable and longer than expected.

      Cheers and happy dreaming*Josh
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      Yo and congrats on your first lucid dream, and it was pretty good for first one too!
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