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      2nd lucid woohoo

      I attempted the FILD technique for my first time because it seemed easy to do, however i don't know if that's what induced the lucid dream.

      So im in this castle with some friends and were looking for items, and them i remember "oh wait wasn't i moving my finger a second ago? This must be a lucid" and then i try a rc and yes it is, as before i didnt want to get overexcited so i just focused on my palms, I tried flying but couldn't but instead ended up jumping miles into the air, before i woke up.

      So ye, i don't know if thats how FILD is suppose to work or not, maybe ill post this as a question on general discussion.

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      Congrats on second lucid!
      When WILDing one does alot of mental preparations as well as WBTB or nap and that all increases awareness and with it chances of DILDs, which you experienced, that's why i like to use methods together. And since FILD is a type of WILD, same applies to that technique.
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