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      First lucid in a while

      Well last night i had my first lucid dream in quite a while and it was super vivid. Happened when i was walking around my old elementary school and realised something was off just because i was there. Saw someone i kinda knew and didnt really like and really wanted to try getting into a fight and beating him up, was really strange i was punching really hard, but than right near the end its like i would lose all my strength and could barely hit him and just kept on tapping him in the face every single time, did this about 3 times and was getting frustrated that i couldnt hit him and than he eventually was putting his arm up to and kept blocking my punches and shoving me away. Well after this i got more frustrated and ran up and started trying to push him and was finally able to push him up against a wall but still couldnt punch him when i tried. I then grabbed his head with both hands and started pounding it against the wall and after like 2 times his head was bleeding and he collapsed and i was thinking to myself dam im messed up why did i choose to do this as soon as i got into a dream and kinda felt guilty in a weird way. Than there was a girl i used to know standing against a wall so i called her over and we got into a car and i began ripping down this huge hill, tried to get her to give me road head but she just kept refusing so i just kept on driving down the road really fast.

      Cant remember much after that but than i remember appearing standing in my room and was like wtf wasnt i just lucid dreaming how did i get here, i tried my hardest to do the finger through the hand reality check (which im learning now can be very ineffective if you arent fully convinced already) and i just couldnt push my finger through my hand so i figured there was no way i could be dreaming and just went on doing whatever what i was doing and cant remember much more of that. wish it was longer but was still interesting

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      Congrats on lucid!
      You do need to fully believe that you might be dreaming with any kind of RC, and fully expect them to work, here's a good tutorial on reality checking: http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...hecks-rcs.html
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