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    Thread: One of the best Lucid experiences I've ever had

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      One of the best Lucid experiences I've ever had

      I've started reading 'Are you dreaming?' by Daniel Love. He's a fantastic author, interpreter, researcher and analyst. Following his advice, I turned the laptop off early and read his book before dropping off to sleep.

      In the night, I dreamt I was really upset and crying to someone who was a teacher figure? When I was dreaming, I knew exactly who it was, but as soon as I awoke, the memories shattered. At around half past seven I fell back to sleep, this time 'opening' my eyes and looking around.

      I was in a tiled mansion. I could go anywhere, do anything. Deciding to check if I could control this dream, I thought "I want to see some cats running towards me" because I can never think fast enough at the beginning to do something really cool.

      I 'opened' my eyes, noticing I was in a tiled mansion. Knowing everything had kicked off again, I went exploring for a while, going up and down steps.

      As much as I love doing this however, I wanted to drive in The Delorian, so tried to transport myself. It didn't work the first time, and I attempted what is known as 'The Spinning Technique.' I'd learnt about it while watching this guy on youtube talk about Lucidity.

      I turned around and then BAM, I was sat in front of the wheel and driving down all these roads, veering around corners. I heard the Doc in the backseat, but unfortunately wanted so much for Marty Mcfly to be sat next to me that he wasn't very visible, just a blur though it was him.

      I walked across my room, looked out the window and spotted a giant roof. There was this blonde haired witch walking on it. She stopped, asking, "What are you looking at?" I was afraid, even though I knew I was dreaming. She didn't seem like the friendly sort, and thought quickly.

      "I was just admiring your broom actually. I have about seven of them. I'll get one and show you. Look!" I ran to pick up my broom (that is currently leaning against my wall) and jumped out the window onto it. The next thing I know she is on her broom cackling, black robes and everything.

      I hung out with a family in their immaculate kitchen. Everything was so colourful and clear, as though it really was happening. I could hear the clinking of the knives and forks, the slamming of cupboards, the hum of chatter. I sat down at the table.

      "Sometimes, I prefer this to waking life." The man took me into their living room. I said, "I want to hear some music that symboliss my life" or something? and Tom Jones stated blaring out of the speakers!

      I had 6 or 7 False Awakenings, which is mental because usually it's known for someone to have about four at the most? Anyway, in those dreams I 'woke' up and rushed to write down what had happened in my dreams earlier. My notebook was on my table by the window and a word from earlier was written.

      Looking back, I think it said 'Disappointed?' I met with two people who were my friends in the dream but who I had never met before in waking life.

      They were trying to help me work out if this was a dream or not, I wasn't sure so I pinched my wrist. it hurt.

      "I think I am dreaming, because a face full of glass hurts when you're in it as much as it does when you're dreaming. Inception was the same."

      I really tried to wake up, even doing what the guy on youtube suggested and lying down on my 'dream' bed. It didn't work. I thought I heard a phone ring.

      Lastly, this was the best thing ever without a doubt. I arrived in what could have been a place that resembled Heaven? It had lots of escalators.

      Thinking fast, I found a guy and said, "I've never done this before, but I want to see The Dream Oracle. I have some questions."

      He nodded and answered, "Any floor, you pick."

      I went, "Wicked."

      There was a small table where a man was sitting behind it, and a girl was upset that she couldn't buy something from him, then she walked away. It was all very peculiar. I saw the words 'Dream Counsellor' appear on the front of his table, walked up to him and said, "Hello. Are you the Dream Counsellor?"

      He nodded.

      I sat down. "I've never done this before, but I have a question I want to ask."

      The man indicated that I should continue.

      "I was just wondering, will - (name of novel) - ever - be - published?" I spoke ever so slowly, to make sure every word would be heard. He was silent for a moment before whispering in a mystical voice, "It's not so much the quantity, it's about the qualiy."
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      Congrats on the awesome ld! The answer at the end was very interesting!

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