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      Scary sleep paralysis.

      Yesterday i attempted to do wild. It went really well at first i got to the stage where i began to see the dream but was still too awake so i suddenly just woke up and it didnt work. Then i decided to try again and after 1 min i felt sudden weight all over my body. Then i started to feel hand over my covers. I became little scared and had urge to open my eyes and look because it felt so real but i didnt because it could have been straumatic experienced. Then i started to wonder could someone in my family try to wake me up but i didnt heard door opening so i knew it was hallucination. But suddenly i started to feel hands all over my body and i became scared but i fought it of by saying this is only a sleep paralysis. After that everything went to normal again i was awake i did reality check and watched clock and i was sure it wasnt a dream. But because i wanted to have a lucid dream i tried to wild 3rd time and it worked i just skipped sleep paralysis straight to dream. Thats it.
      Still wondering should i have opened my eyes? Kinda cool to hallucination but might be too scary i heard this one guy saw grudge girl crawling on top of him from end of the bed. Wouldnt want to experience that.
      Tell me your scariest sleep paralysis experience if you have one.

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      What you went through was merely a part of SP. People experience it differently, and yes, it's pretty scary (I'm actually pretty scared of doing WILD because of SP), but it's all natural and part of the process.

      Don't be scared of it. Just breath deeply, relax, and you'll be LDing in no time.

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      Here is mine its pretty damn long. The most vivid sleep paralysis iv ever had. Maybe it was an out of body experience to im not sure it was weird though.

      I went to sleep around 10 o'clock I had been drinking last night but wasnt completely wasted. So I fell asleep fine and fast, I was awakened at around 2:45 a.m. and stayed up till around 3:45 a.m. I went to sleep and had a hard time falling asleep this time everything felt weird so i rolled over on my bed facing my doorway and fell asleep. I was not asleep completely and I know this is were the sleep paralysis started to come in and the visions I was about to see.

      I started to feel very weird as in sort of heavy but not a out of place heavyness. The heavyness was on my back and pushed me sort of into my bed. At this time I also started hearing swooshing sounds and feeling my whole body vibrate extremely. Noises of like explosions were what I heard next following a helicopter noise that was radiating around my room. At this point I wasnt completely freaked out sense this has happened to me numerous amounts of time so I went along with it. I started to open my eyes after the helicopter noise was heard and could see my whole room vibrating and coming in and out of reality it was weird. (If you have ever seen a old VHS video and you fast forward the lines you see on the screen is what i was seeing in my room pretty much) I have christmas lights on under my bed that are blue so it lights my room up in an ambient way so I could see in the darkness still.

      After this happened I sort of went out of consciousness. I awakened suddenly again unable to move out of my bed it was extremely hard to move like i was held back by ropes or bungy chords. I walked up out of bed finally and saw two figures out side of my window. It was pitch dark outside so im thinking why the hell are they there? I looked out the window to and realized it was a woman and a little kid. They were speaking in the window looking at me but I was unable to speak at all! it was weird as hell. I banged my head on the window to signal to leave and the little kid looks up and puts his hand on the window and speaks clearly. "If you dont open this you will die". I freaked out and started to run away out my doorway when suddenly I was pushed back into my body and was in my bed again. I was frozen in bed and i assumed many times I was waking up from sleep when in reality I was dreaming within a dream.

      so this is like 2 dreams so far that have happened this night. Its not over. I was frozen in place again when I noticed a figure kneeling next to me at the end of my bed. It loooked like my cousins dad but I wasnt sure. I tried to move and speak but couldnt. It looked like he was praying at the end of my bed I was freaked the hell out. when I tried to move he turned his head and looked at me. It looked like he was possessed by a demon his eyes were white and very very angry looking. It looked like he wanted to kill me. After me trying to move and scream I finally WOKE UP. I felt super super weird when I was awoken like my reality was turned in such a way that was unimaginable. Iv had a dream within a dream but not three at a time!!

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      Sp is scary, I hate being immobilized.

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