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      First Lucid Dream

      WARNING : Somewhat NSFW content, (not really, just a little bit.)

      I did it! Completely lucid dream, and then I had a false awakening.

      So I was dreaming and I was like wow I'm dreaming and I was doing my realjty check, and my uncle Chris walks in and he's like hey, doing a reality check I see. And I was like yep. And he was like wow it worked. Then I was trying to get more clarity, but couldn't until finally I just told myself to blink my eyes for clarity. I did, and it worked. Now it got lifelike! It was so vivid it was crazy. I was walking down this hall still getting used to my body. And I was like wow, let's fly. So I jumped up and fell back flat on back. I decided to give up, and not give it another try. Then I was like, sex. So I was like, when open my eyes, i want a hot girl there, and then I blinked, and this hot girl was there. So I said, do you want to have sex, and she was like, sure! And so I walk over and you get the picture, we take our clothes off. She's still taking her clothes off kind off. This is when I start to get fuzzy, and I try to speed things up but she wants to take her luxurious time. Then I began to get into that earlier stage of where I couldn't see anything. Then I closed my eyes and told myself when I opened then that it will reappear. And it did, but then it went back. Then I told myself, if I flip this wall the clear version will be on the other side. And it was! That is when I knew my dream was going to end shortly. That's when I falsely awoke. And I was sitting on the couch xbox on, made sense, maybe I fell asleep while playing xbox. Then my brother runs in and tells me his bedtime is 9.

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      this morning i also tryed to have sex with some girl, but i was so scared that he dream would end so i kind a rush things up too, and the more further i were the more fuzzy the dream would become.. then i woke up before i had the time to do anything. i hate that, i could have asked for mor clarity though the dream was not so vivid and i was feeling kinda drunk.

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      Just think of a naked girl in a sexy position that'll appear when you blink.

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