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      My first lucid dream

      I'm a 15 year old boy, and I had my very first lucid dream last night. I signed up immediately afterwards to tell somebody about it. I was in a dream that I don't remember, and suddenly I just realised that it was a dream. I did't get excited or anything. Just knew that I was dreaming. As soon as that happened, I was brought to an invisible platform in the orbit of earth. On that platform was what I knew as the creator. He stood about 100ft tall, and was a fuzzy outline of a man with no face. On his head was a huge golden crown.
      I realised that I needed that crown if I wanted to control the dream, so I flew right up to his face (or lack of one) and took the crown off his head. The crown shrunk to the size of my head in his hand and I put it on. Instantly I was standing before the earth knowing I had full control. The giant had just disappeared. I decided that I wanted to have sex first (typical teenager I know), so I chose a green area of the planet and went there.
      When in the field I saw a father and son to my left. I talked to them for a minute, but can't remember what I said. Anyway, what they said sent me down the path that they were sat either side of towards a house with a girl called Hannah in. I headed down the path to see what it was about. When I reached the house, I found a pretty normal detached house. After looking around inside, I went down to the basement. There I saw a pretty blonde girl crying, and that was where the dream ended.Not even really sure if this was a full lucid dream but I figured I'd post it.

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      congrats, may you have countless more, may your mind open more and more, see you in the dream world brother

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      Congrats on your first!
      More will surely come! Check out those tutorials for starting out and improving too: Induction Methods and Techniques
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      A similar thing happened to me during my first lucid dream. I didn't get very excited at all either. A lot of people, during their first, get super excited and the dream ends really quickly. Congrats!

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