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    Thread: I am back with an amazing dream.

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      I am back with an amazing dream.

      So I havent been on this website since forever ( like 1 year ). Before a couple of days I saw a picture about lucid dreaming and i remembered how cool it was. Last night I had a really cool dream but sadly I forgot the ''begining''.
      I remember it starting off by me falling from a tower and i felt that astonishing feel of adrenaline and fear at the same time, so i said to my self this is a dream and I can fly. Suddenly i started flying. I was flying in a strange way. Wherever i pointed with my right hand I flought in that direction. It was amazing. I flought trough a forrest with some houses in it and then I landed in a small boat on a lake. It was really dark and there wasnt anyone on the boats nearby . Then I woke up and had another dream which was not interesting. I am really happy that i still can have those fun dreams i had last year. I am glad to be back!
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      As a natural lucid dreamer (since I was young) and someone who's been into lucid dreaming properly on and off, I can definitely say that lucid dreaming is one of those weird hobbies that you don't just go for for a little while, maybe a year or two, and then stop, but rather that one that's just so fascinating that you keep going back to no matter how much you may try to run away. But come on, there's not a person in the world who doesn't like the idea of being able to do absolutely anything they want to without consequence, and they get the opportunity to do it every single night.

      Anyway, I know I don't know you (since I'm fairly new to the site myself), but welcome back!

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