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    Thread: First WILD!

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      First WILD!

      Morning All!

      Had my first WILD the other night. I normally get to the trippy stage before and either fall asleep or wake up.

      After feeling my body getting very heavy, I kept seeing my bedroom through my eyelids, fading in and out so I knew it was coming. I then heard someone go to the toilet (which I checked didn't actually happen) In my head I was thinking it was probably part of SP and my mind playing tricks. I then started thinking "I am getting tired, I need to turn my Xbox of and put the control down" Thats when I thought, I hadn't been playing my Xbox so this must be a dream! I got out of bed and walked out my door to a massive, bunker like room (probably inspired by the amount of Homeland I have been watching recently!) There was 2 of my friends sitting in classroom like chairs, one of which I haven't seen for years, which made me realise I was dreaming more.

      So I walked over to him and thought, I am going to change you into my girlfriend. It worked! My girlfiend was now stood infront of me! I then noticed a door on the otherside of the room so I started to walk over to it. Thats when I woke up

      Feel very happy though and now I think I will notice the signs of a WILD easier.

      I noticed while walking that I am almost Zombie like. My legs are numb and I'm stuggering along like I have had 20 pints! Is this normal?
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      Sounds amazing. I haven't tried LDing in awhile but stories like these encourage me to try again..particularly with WILD. Great story.

      As for the last part, I've had similar except my whole body feels like that. It's so much about "normal" is it is about asking how dreams work and all that. This is a pretty vivid account for being a first WILD! awesome.

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