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      Major disbelief upon lucidity!

      I had a lucid dream a few nights ago after a SSILD. It started as a normal dream and seemed to go on for about 6 hours (even though in waking life only 1 hour had passed). The dream was incredibly vivid. I was going about the day in the dream and it seemed so real that I genuinely thought I had awoken and been out of bed for about 6 hours. Later in the dream, I thought ‘I wonder if I’m dreaming’ even though I was 100% convinced I was in reality and that there was no way this could possibly be a dream. I decided to do a reality check (not expecting anything to happen), and to my disbelief, found that I was in fact dreaming. I couldn’t believe it; I was shocked. It was as if you did a random reality check in the middle of the day and found out that everything you had done since the morning didn’t actually take place. Anyway, I continued the dream (now lucidly) and eventually decided to just wake myself up to think about what had happened.

      Did you ever experience such shock upon lucidity? Have you ever become lucid after being so convinced of your ‘reality’?

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      Yes, once time I was talking with some friends and I did a reality check, I started to count my fingers and, WHAT? AM I DREAMING? I did the RC like 7 times before being completely sure that I was dreaming because I just couldn't believe it
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      I haven't had that happen to me. I DID have the exact opposite happen to me. I was staying in a hotel last week and I woke up sometime in the night, and there was a big square right in front of me with its edges illuminated and the center dark, like a square-shaped neon tube light. I thought, cool, I'm dreaming and did some RCs, all of which failed. I did the RCs again and they still failed and I was pretty confused. I got up and found the light, turned it on, and what I had seen was light from street lights coming in from outside around the edges of the window shade.

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