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      Exclamation Grandfather Trying to Prepare me for another death?

      I desperately need some help. My loving and amazing grandfather passed away Nov 28th 2013. For the first few weeks after his passing, I felt his presence immensely. Even a fee hours prior, his soul way trying to get my attention in multiple ways. The night he passed (I had a feeling it was coming..) I used an app called 'sleep talk' and it would only record if it heard something. At 3:56am, all of a sudden you hear rustling in the bed, almost like I'm having an uneasy sleep. Then all of a sudden you hear 'wake up' from a voice that is clearly not mine, and I responded by saying 'what happened.... Oh nono....' At 4:28am my uncle mags me, letting me know about the sad new... And at 4:38am I suddenly wake up to read it. The next day, I found out that at passed at about 4am. For a few weeks following that instance, the feeling of spirit in my basement apartment was so extremely intense, I was terrified. I could see shadows and light at the sides of my eyes, and my Yorkie would try to catch little beams of light zipping past her. I could see all these things with my bare eyes as well as when recorded.

      Okay, so now that you have a brief understanding of everything going on, I need help! Lol
      So, about 2.5 weeks ago I had a dream that was the most incredible dream I have ever had. Below are the notes I jotted down in my phone shortly after I had it:

      **He was concerned about how we were handling it all. His energy was purply blue, in the shape of an orb, I was Able to see his face within his energy/orb. It would come really close to my face and would appear quite large, and when it zoomed out, was much smaller. Could smell him in my room from his last days. He wanted me to pass on messages which I can't remember, should have written them down immediately after, it's now been aprox. 5 min. Was trying to tell family members how he was feeling and trying to make them listen. knew I was dreaming, wanted to make sure I was able to talk to him, lucid dreaming? Also strong buzzing in my ear, was quite loud and also fluctuating. Nana, i think may have passed shortly after bc I was sitting in a funeral home looking over at her at the front,, but not 100% sure. And I also knew his presence was there at the funeral home as well. **

      Then a few days ago I also dreamed:

      **My grandmother was outside her house with a noose around her neck, sometimes standing around, and I think at knee point, from a tree.. But she was alive, and I was trying to cut it off, and my grandfather kept poking his head out just to chit chat, and we were trying to keep it from him so he wouldn't worry... And then soon after I was able to cut it off, but not sure how**

      Is this my grandfather giving me warning dreams?? It was so strange and bothered me that I would ever have dreams like the last one.
      If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it.

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      Maybe he is warning you that your grandma is depressed or feels suicidal after his passing.
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      Ever read Hamlet? Maybe something bad is going on and you need to fix it.

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      Definitely check your eye out for your grandma, just to be sure. These kind of stories really creep me out

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