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      Howdy hey! It's been a while since I've posted...it's been a good four or five months or so since I've had a lucid, and I guess I lost interest a little. Last night I slept badly, and since my office is only a few blocks from where I live, I decided to come home for lunch today and take a nap rather than eat. I set my alarm for 45 minutes and dozed off in my bed.

      At some point I started dreaming that I was trying to back my car into a parking space, but no matter how hard I pressed the brake, it wouldn't stop rolling. I overshot the space and bumped into something behind me, so I put the car back in drive and tried again with similar results. On the second try I realized that my floor pedals had disappeared altogether, and that was why I couldn't brake. I looked around and realized that my whole car had turned around backwards with the hood behind me and the trunk in front. I stepped out to try to figure this all out when it dawned on me that the illogic of it all was attributable to dreaming.

      In that moment, I was COMPLETELY lucid without even a hint of dream confusion. I knew exactly when and where my real body was, and I knew that at any moment my alarm might go off and ruin this whole thing.

      I took a couple of steps as I turned my attention away from the car and saw that I was in the parking lot to my apartment complex, but the whole place was rearranged. It was a warm spring day and there was a gentle breeze caressing my face. I noticed a potted flowering plant on an apartment patio at the far end of the parking lot and focused in on it in an effort to stabilize the dream. I immediately realized that the dream did not need stabilization. Everything was completely vivid in full detail, and I could even feel and hear the hard soles of my shoes crunching small stones on the pavement.

      My next thought was, "I wish I had a list...what do I even want to try?" I thought about locating someone to have sex with, but I've learned from past experience that sex can be destabilizing to a dream. I then recalled how I've never had a flying dream that didn't involve flapping my arms, so I decided to practice flying superman-style for once. I raised my arms the way superman does and willed myself a few dozen feet in the air. It worked, and I used the feel of the soft breeze to help keep me aloft. I added a little speed to my flight and soon became like "The Greatest American Hero," flailing and unable to control my flight very well. I dipped very near to the ground before regaining altitude, and as I whizzed past a couple of ladies walking on the sidewalk, I accidently kicked one of them in the shoulder. "Sorry!" I called back to her before facing forward again. I was rapidly approaching the edge of a tree, so I grabbed a branch thick with leaves and used it to spin my momentum around toward the ground.

      The tree itself started rotating with my grip, and suddenly it was a huge ficus in a large office of some sort. I settled to the floor and noticed that there was a woman waiting nearby at a table, laughing at my hijinks. She was waiting for me to interview her for a job.

      I felt like I was already testing the bounds of my lucidity anyway, so I threw caution to the wind and approached her sexually. With our clothes still on, I began to grind with her, and as I started to get aroused, I felt the dream slipping away. That's what I was afraid of. I stopped for a second before resuming, but I was becoming aware of my real body in the bed as a certain real part of me began to grow with my arousal.

      The dream fell away and I found myself lying on my back with my eyes closed, arms tucked behind my head. I tried to fall back into the dream, but my cell phone rang with a business call. I got up and went back to work.
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