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      We've all probably experienced a lucid dream atleast once, and we've all had those dreams... where you just can't wake up. Well I'm here to share one of those moments, if you don't mind.

      My old house wasn't known in town for its beauty, indeed, it was a rather big house, but also a mystery, expecially the massive rose bush that took up much of the land, almost as much as the house. There was almost always plumming problems (The basement would flood with black water, don't really know what it meant. I don't think it was sewer water, but we had to leave the house when I was at a very young age.)
      We never really went to the attic, and I can tell you, I see why. Once I was leaning on a wall in the attic, and found a old room with old toys and stuff.


      I've had so many lucid dreams of this old house, it just seems fitting to name the title "Trapped", as they are always nightmares.
      I'll only write about this one for now.


      I don't remember exactly how it started, but I was running, I was being hunted by something in the house. It wasn't a pretty picture. The rooms were normal for the most part, but warped. The living room, there was something standing in there, it was pitch black in most of the house, yet in this dark room, the figure was darker than the blackness, and I could tell it was watching me, just daring me to enter.
      I tried to go into the room where I slept with my mother, as I was young and was scared to have my own room at the time. It was locked, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it open, and the door felt cold to the touch. That's when I heard it, something.. growling, almost as if it could smell me a mile away. It charged from the steps that lead upstairs, so I hid. I hid in the bathroom in the cuboard, and all I could see was darkness enter the room as whatever it was ripped the shower curtain down, then left the room. And you know the worst part? Every time I breathed, the dream would either teleport me away to a different part of the house, or it would reset. it was traumatizing trying to hold my breath to survive. I honestly didn't know I was in a dream, I mean I did, but it was to the point I was scared for my very life. After awhile I got the courage to sneak out into the kitchen, and as I was just about to make it, whatever the black thing was from the living room grabbed my leg and tried to drag me in, but I gasped and it reset. I didn't really know what to expect at this point, everywhere I went something was watching me.

      I saw the dining room was.. morphed, it was all glowing a faint red, almost as if everything there was covered in blood. I avoided it, but at a point in a later dream, I had to jump right inside.
      For now I tried to make my way up the steps, and I heard it chasing me again, except this time it was more angry, it was almost like it was angry I was breathing. Each time I breathed and I either teleported or reset, it would chase after me.
      I ran and tried to go into my father's room, but he slammed the door, laughing, but it wasn't his voice. It was my mother's fathers voice, I had only heard it once before, in what I can assume was a nightmare when I was nearly a baby. I never went in my room since the incident with the painting, so I ran to my older brothers room, it was empty, as soon as I ran in there, I collapsed, feeling like I was being strangled.
      The creature started screaming almost in agony, or mabye it was just upset it had lost its' prey, because shortly after I woke up, once I was strangled into unconsciousness in the dream.

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      If you were LDing, you could try face your fear if that's one. Just make it a happy dream or fly away. If it's not an LD, sorry, I just skimmed through

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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      I honestly dont know what it is, I just shared it ;P it's interesting because I always have a dream of it, and each time it's different. It was infact a LD... except I had no power, I knew I was there but had to just keep hiding and running

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