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    Thread: Singing your own songs in your dreams

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      Singing your own songs in your dreams

      I found music to have an important part in lucid dreaming. I experienced some good things that i want to share with you.
      This one is for the musicians, for you that compose your own music. I am a musician and i love to compose and record some soundtrack, new age, ambient music on my keyboard (along with other genres). Sometimes, when i become lucid, i start to sing the notes of my songs... and it's unbelievable what i hear. First i hear the sound of my voice singing, then more instruments start to appear and, seconds later i hear my song accompanied with a full piece orchestra and choral voices. It's so beautiful. It's like i was listening to my music as i really wanted it to be if i had the opportunity to record a really professional album with all the real instruments i want.
      Yesterday i was singing a music of mine, then i even added some heavy metal guitars with my mind and it was awesome.

      So, my idea for a task to you, musician and lucid dreaming, is to try to sing your songs on your dreams. You'll be amazed of the ideas and the new sounds that will be on your music piece. Do it and then tell me what you've experienced.

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      Very cool! One of my primary interests right now is music in lucid dreams. I've had a few awesome music related dreams. I mean, it can't get more realistically hi fidelity that it does some times!! I had this dream once, so amazing, I was like, going into this space where the walls made the music, like, you could look at the shape of the walls and they were producing the music. Hard to express, except that it was rad and super vivid. The walls were multi-colored, and as they changed shaped they produced the sound. So cool.

      Also, I swear, in my dreams I can hear a real life song down to most minor detail, vibrant memory, not a note or pause or drum tap out of place. It's just breathtaking.

      I too have had moments of impromptu creation of song, where what comes out is made up on the spot but sounds like a professionally produced piece with nothing out of place that just totally hits the spot. Seriously, I think this would make for a few awesome ToTMs (task of the months).


      ps. notice my avator, hehe =)
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      I've sang twice in lucid dreams; once was Sarah Smiles by Hall and Oat and the other was a made up song about the joy of lucid dreaming. Both times I sounded incredibly good (which is not the case in real life). Also, one time I was whistling the John Williams Superman theme while flying. It also sounded beautiful.
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