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    Thread: First WBTB!

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      First WBTB!

      Alright so I'm happy to say that after having a few Lucid dreams by doing reality checks, I have had my very first WBTB last night. I went to bed around 9:00 PM because I was just completely drained and then I woke up at 3:30 AM wide awake. I got 6 hours of sleep so I was debating if I should just get up or not and so I went on the computer for a little while but figured I had nothing I really wanted to do so I tried to fall back asleep. After 10 or so minutes of laying down there was an intense ringing in my ears that was almost overwhelming but I didn't try and fight it and eventually found myself within a dream. I was sitting in a desk in a classroom and a girl called me "Jason". She asked me a favor but I ignored her because she didn't even know my correct name. Then as she was still standing there, another person called out to me but this time with the correct name so I responded to them like I would with anyone else calling my name. The girl from before got upset and started to walk away. I was curious as to what she wanted in the first place so I got up to walk over to her and realized right away it was a lucid dream because I could feel my entire body moving and the whole time I had this sort of "feeling" of being there. I approached her from behind because her desk was at the front of the classroom but when I went to tap her on the shoulder she turned around instantly and said "You're going to wake up" and then entire dream dissolved into black and I woke up. I struggled opening my eyes and body at first because I felt like I was in sleep paralysis. I was a little spooked at the end but I'm still happy I had the experience. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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      Great job!
      It's natural for it all to be a bit bumpy at first, but now it should get progressively easier and easier for you to get lucid and stay lucid.
      When I do my WBTB (or just fall asleep in general) I focus on the feeling of being lucid (to me there is a distinct feeling).
      Believe in yourself!
      Whenever I have trouble with keeping control, I just talk myself through it. "I'm dreaming. I'm going to fly. I'm in complete control. I will do _____"
      Staying calm and positive are undoubtedly the best ways at sustaining a lucid.
      As for her telling you that you were going to wake up, it might just be that you were expecting that or it was a self fulfilling prophecy coming from your subconscious.
      Once again, good job, and keep at it.

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