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    Thread: My first Lucid Experience

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      Smile My first Lucid Experience

      Ok let me start from the beginning. now before last night i tried the Wild technique almost every night for a week.

      Before going to bed last night i was trying to do the WILD technique to be lucid in my dream, my first attempt was at 11:00 pm..

      So what i did was try and get my self deeply relaxed as i did the past few days, but this night was different at first i was relaxed the same as the other nights it seemed, but i guess you can say i "willed" myself into a deeper mediation state that i have ever been. The feeling was unforgettable, my body became numb i was feeling these so called "vibrations" throughout my body it was amazing, I felt that i could just make any emotions i was feeling just go away at my will to a point it felt like they didn't exist.

      After about 20 minutes of this relaxing, I was imagining myself at my cabin I was trying to make it as real as possible
      I was trying to use my senses to the best of my imagination. Then i fell asleep.

      I woke up at 5:00 am, and i could remember everything up to when i went sleep so i didnt remember my dream when i woke up, I was somewhat disappointed, But me i was going to keep trying.

      So it was about 10 min. after i woke and i tried to relax myself i did everything the same, I felt everything the same as the night before I tried to visualize my cabin again but it just left my mind, but at the same time i was telling myself that i was dreaming
      (I was still awake) then this happened to me it was a feeling of dizziness that came for a second it felt as if i would fall asleep but it went away, It happened again, but this time I just let the dizziness over come me and BAM! I was lucid i believe,

      I was in a room with hardwood flooring, there was a cat in front of me, i also notice a couple of pens on the floor next to the cat, other than that the room was completely empty except for a chair or couch that i think i was sitting on all though i couldn't see it but I knew i was sitting on something, then i tried to stand up but i couldn't and seemed as if i was froze, that cat was rolling around but i was froze, i tried standing again then everything went black and i was back in my bed.

      That was it,

      Can someone tell me if i did anything wrong, why couldn't i move?

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      'Gratz on the first lucid!

      Things like being unable to move or see are quite common amongst beginners. They melt away over time.

      Tell yourself that you can stand and move while in the dream next time - this will help with anything you can't necessarily 'do'.
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      That's an interesting lucid dream! I actually felt just like you when I got my first LD, only that when I realized in was dreaming everything just zoomed into focus (like an ultra-HD movie) and I could move around.

      Since we're both new to the world of dreaming, we can both learn together how to get better at LDs!

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