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      Talking i thought i was on LSD then i became lucid (second LD )

      Hey guys, i just had my SECOND lucid dream this morning and my first one was yesterday! the first one last about 2 second when i realized it, the second one last about 15 seconds ! so happy.
      i did exactly the same thing i did yesterday: i'm like trying to induce wild in the morning, and i dont stop telling to myself <i'm gonna have a lucid drem, i'll become lucid in my dream>.. like a mantra, but i'm never able to sucess the wild because i blank at the part when i'm fallin asleep and i just find myself in a dream where i become lucid.... but yeah 2 day in a roll.

      so this is how it is, it was pretty fucked up :

      i find myslf in a dream, like a place with concerts and rooms, like a big pary or wtv, and there is like a lot of people from when i were in high school last year ( or my brain conviced me that they were from there but im shure there were a few who really were ) and a some point im having fun with some friends, and at one point i start noticing that i feel kind a strange, really strange, and i start do doo stuff and see people and i was like whats happening, then i was like oh fuck i must have take an acid (LSD) and it was starting to kicking in, but i was not able to remember when i toke it.. but wtv i played along, started to talk with some people, bue most of the people looked not so happy that i was fucked up, dont know why fuck we're at a party.. then after moments of doing wtv i couldnt find my friends and i didnt new anybody, so i thought welll, lets check those pupiles ! so i start looking for a bathroom with a miror and it was occuped ( someone taking a shower ), but then i found a litle round miror on a table, and when i looked at it the miror tranformed into my face, and i was still trying to see my pupiles; and i rembmber my face was smiling.. theen i dont know why but i thougt waaith a second, this is very fucked up, am i dreaming ? noo can't be it feel too real even if lsd is kickin it feel too real for a dream.. so i counted my fingers just too see whats up, and i didnt even had to count them, because i berly started and my fingers were going crazy !! annd then i thought OK IM DREAMING, but it was strange because its like a new the whole time, so i tried to calm down then i dont know why i started to rub my hands just une case.. SO IM DREAMINg ?! okay, lets do some shit before i wake up, so i started to walk on a hallway and and the first thing i think about is sex, dont know why, but okaay so i wanted to teleport some girl i used to know, so i scream okay i want to be with her know, but nothing happens.. and i was like okaay, so i start trying to imagine in my head a scenario where i was with here, the landscape started do go weird but like brighter but then it came back to normal and i was still in the same place..
      so okaay i'll try another way, i fynd a door and im like okay this time she'll be in this room, then i kick the door and i see one bed and there where noboddy, and i looked at the other one and i saw someone bellow the blanket, so i go chek it out and strangly it wasnt the girl i was calling for, but another girl i used to know but they really look alike, and its funny because i didnt noticed it before.. so okay i was like lets do it, so i aproach her sexually, start to touch her and kissing her but she was a litle repulsive ( wtf this girl used to be inlove with me but okay ), and i was trying to convince her, telling her loudly that she wanted to have sex with me, and it didnt seems to work, she was like smilling but still trying to bite me in the bad way, then i tryed to focus in the drawings on a pellow for the dream wont fade away but i didn't take much to start feeling myself in my bed and the dream actually faded away..

      i have one question for you guys though, when i try to wild in the morning, tryng to convince myself that im gonna be lucid, the fact that i went lucid ( 2 days in a rolll ) was it coincidence ? or did i managed to convince my mind to become lucid ? because i just can't do wild i dont know why, i try my harder to keep my consciousness but i end up always directly in the dream..

      sorry for the long post and for the bad english guys

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      Congratulations on you LDs. Just keep trying and I'm sure you'll have dreams longer and longer.

      I'm not an expert, but the few times I tried WILD, or lay there in bed telling myself that I'll become lucid, it happens similar to what you describe (even if the dream lasts just a few seconds, and it's not vivid). I can either get lucid, or feel as if I'm transitioning from bed to dream, but when I wake up I realize that the "transition" started much later than when I fall asleep. Let's say it's 10am and I try to do a WILD, and suddenly I find myself transitioning, I enter a dream for 5 seconds, and I wake up at 11.30am ...

      If I recall correctly, I read around here that in WILD you don't neccesarily enter REM directly. Depending on when you do it, you can first have a normal sleep period. It's like as if your brain "skips" that part for you, or makes you feel like jumping in time, meaning you are in bed eyes closed, and by the time you start transitioning you already slept some time...

      But maybe I'm wrong.

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