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      LD experience

      I set my alarm for 2:30am and for it to stay on for about 15s. I woke up then, waited 15seconds with my eyes closed and still, swallowed and then mantra'd. I had no transition. (Any idea why?) Ofc, "I" fell asleep. So I was in a dream, and looked at my fingers. I had 6. (Woohoo!) I was pretty conscious, definetly more than I'm used to. I then rubbed my hands together to stabilize it. I remember it looked real kinda, but not too hd. I had just read the ld on riding a tiger :p (@solpic), so I tried to summon a tiger and tried to expect it. Nope. I then remember trying to go to a beach in Florida and expecting it, nope. I then woke up in my bed. I knew it was a false awakening and tried to breathe through my nose when closed and did.*...then I woke up or continued on non-lucid. I forget stuuffff.
      I definetly need to get better at dream control now that I know what works for me, and I need to be better at stabilization and memorization. Exciting stuff though .

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      Congrats on the experience.

      Dream control comes gradually and with time, but it's subjective to each and every single individual. When I was much more into it Lucid Dreaming, I remember it taking me maybe 2 attempts to glide, but it took me almost a month (and 8 lucids, with maybe an average of 2 attempts to fly over all of them) to get a hang of it. But before getting into the fun stuff, maybe you should consider working on vividness? I have the same problem currently. I've lost all my control and vividness and everything's blurry... but I remember that as my vividness improved, so did my dream control.

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