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      Strange Lucid Experience

      I recently got back into lucid dreaming. I've been keeping my DJ for a week and had my first lucid this morning. As soon as a became lucid, I had a false awakening. I recognized this and tried to move. I felt my movements and could plug my nose for the reality check (which proved my I was still dreaming), but all I could see was a gap in my blanket that I had over my head. I tried for a few minutes to get my visual to be anything besides be staring at my ceiling, but nothing happened. I could feel things around me, but it was like that part of me was in a different dream or something.

      I also attempted to stabilize my dream by rubbing my disembodied hands together and shouting "increase lucidity now!", but after a minute of this, I woke up. I'm positive this wasn't just sleep paralysis, by the way.

      I'm still very happy to have my first lucid since I stopped a year ago, but I'm hoping for some advice should I find myself in this situation again.

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      It seems to me you had some sensorial impairment. This happens a lot in lucid false awakenings. Lucid FAs in my experience are more unstable and you are closer to wake up. Indeed your dreaming mind is partially shutt off and is using easier pathways to keep you dreaming. Advice? I usually fight strongly against body heaviness and visual darkness, by trying to move forcefully. But its normal to fail much more often. Thats its nature.

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