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      Exclamation Weird lucid dreams with an entity who control them

      Hi my name is Clément and I'm from France. Last summer I discovered lucid dreams and tried them ! I had lot of them easily but since two month a "person" tries to kill me, and stabbed me in the heart once ! Sometimes even when I'm awake I see him when I blink ! It's always the same guy dress in white with a white old school cap, his eyes are read like fire and huge and his mouth is like venom one in spiderman. I tried to defeat him but I can't control my lucid dream like before however I feel everything and I do my reality check like if I was in a "normal" dreams !
      Is it dangerous ? Do I need to defeat him ? Can I die, or rest in limbs ? I don't know what to do it's really strange
      thanks for helping me

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      He can't hurt you in real life but its strange that you see him when you blink. Maybe its cause your thinking too much about it and it scares you. Sometimes people who have anxiety hallucinate. Try to not think about it so much and if you need to talk about it with someone in your family talk to them. Do something you like to do that helps forget about it too. If it continues to bother you try finding a psychologist. You could talk to them and get advice from them if it ends up bothering you to the point that you can't sleep or concentrate on school or other important things. If I had a enemy in my dream I couldn't fight I would call a dream character or my dream guide to fight it. Like if he pops up you can try calling Naruto and watch him kick his butt. You could even join in. If naruto doesn't appear turn the guy into your friend.( > w > )/ Sometimes they might not like that but be brave. They can't hurt you in real life.

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