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    Thread: Meeting my future self

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      Meeting my future self

      I initially got into lucid dreaming for the same reason that most people do. I wanted to have fun doing all the things I wanted to do and I used to roll my eyes a bit at the people who used lucid dreaming for more spiritual reasons. Having never been a spiritual person I didn't understand the reason for this and would just spend my night time adventures indulging myself in my fantasies. However in the last couple of years I've been focusing more on personal growth. I thought it was worth giving a go but I was always skeptical of finding answers to questions I wanted answering.

      Ive had a few powerful dreams. One dream I wanted to find myself as a child. This failed as usually my child self would just run away from me. I never thought it was worth seeking out my future self as I didn't think my future self could exist yet but as I'm quite interested in the multiverse and theories that relate to other dimensions and time travel to that I decided to give it a go.

      I was having a very weird dream where I was on a bus with loads of old people who were all arguing over the European elections. I tried to calm them down with a few jokes. I have no idea what I said but everyone burst out laughing and for some very weird reason David Cameron was on the bus laughing at my jokes. You would have thought this was enough to make me question reality but it didn't. The dream suddenly changed and I was outside walking with some people. It the distance I could see a storm was coming. There were thick black and green clouds moving rapidly towards us. I could also see a tornado developing. I began to panic but the people I was with told me to stop being so stupid. I tried to stay calm and I thought about it and realised we dont get tornadoes over here. Suddenly I was back on the bus still pondering what I had just experienced. It was then I knew it was a dream. I turned to the people on the bus and told them I had to leave now. I approached the door and opened it. Everyone jumped up in shock as tried to stop me as they figured I was just gonna jump out a moving vehicle but I took off into the sky. I flew over this beautiful forest that had blue and pink trees. When I landed I remembered my goal to find my future self. I called out a few times "I want to meet my future self". It didn't seem to work until I turned a corner and saw a man knelt down by a rabbit hutch. He was handing a rabbit to a child that appeared quite blurry. The child ran off as I approached. I looked into the guys face and found myself overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry.

      The guy did resemble me although there were some differences. He didn't have my nose. He appeared to have more of my fathers nose which is quite big whereas mine is sorta stubby. He had a beard- something I still cant grow properly- which covered a lot of his face but I just knew from looking at him that it was me. He never spoke though. Suddenly this guy came at him with a baseball bat. My instinct was to run but he stayed and fought.
      The next thing I recall is being chased by some kind of dog/cat creature. It was black and although it was quite small it was vicious and all I could do was run. Then my future self came along and he had spider man powers and used his web shooters to restrain the creature. It struggled for a bit then stopped. I knew it wouldn't hold forever and it would be back and my future self gave me a look as if to confirm that. Whilst in the dream it didnt make much sense to me but then it kinda hit me once I had woken up and thought about it. No I dont think I will be spider man in the future (shame) but it was as if my future self was telling me that I'll always be pursued by this dark creature and I can never run from it. Running doesnt make anything better but stopping and facing these demons helps to keep them at bay, even if just for a while. I felt safe and now I feel quite calm. Of course, I'm not suggesting I really did meet my future self but I kinda feel like everything is going to be okay and even though he never spoke I could feel love from him. I felt like he would always be there and if I am to become that man in the future I know that things will be okay.
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      : ) That sounds like a really nice dream and I agree with you that we can't always run from our problems. Also, the spiderman part was funny.xD haha

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