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      Lucid caught me off guard!

      Okay so lately I keep having these weird recurring dreams where somehow a pit attacks me and the people in this yard and a man with a shotgun shooting each of us one by one while we try to run away, I remembered having this dream like 2 time already and so I did a reality check and I felt vibrations and then I was in my grandmother's house, I thought I woke up, but I still did a RC and I was able to breathe! I honestly didn't know what to do I ran out of her house and just started walking down the street attempting to fly and make people appear, I didn't put much effort cause I wanted to explore the dream as much as I could. I then turned around after walking for some reason and then I started to put a lot of thought on reality and before I knew it the dream faded and I woke up! I guess it's a great start but I definitely could have done way more! WOO I'm so happy to finally have had a lucid, also is there anyway to stop recurring dreams? I like how it triggered me to become aware, but it isn't a really pleasant dream to keep having.
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      Congrats on your first LD! As for me I should be having mine anytime soon , and as for the recurring dreams... It is good that it'll make you more aware by constantly having the same dream but if you really want to have a chance of having different dreams maybe.. try thinking of something as your going to bed and thru out the day? just how when people say, if you think about LD'ing all day it could increase your chances of having one that night. Well if you think about having a Different dream from the one that you constantly have, thru out the day and maybe visualize a dream scene as your falling asleep, I think that would effect your chances of having a different dream that night greatly

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