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      Corpulent Queen and a cone mechanism, 2 relating dreams.

      I have had two dreams thus far involving a corpulent queen and the realm she is in. I will start with the first, as it made the second much more alarming to me. I constantly have dreams where I am in another dimension, and I cannot be clearly seen by it's inhabitants. They tend to look ethereal to me, with their clothing in more focus than their faces. When an authoritative figure notices I am there, they tend to not be happy.

      1. I was in a large rectangular ballroom. It was disgustingly luxurious and impressive. There were two doors on the left and right side of both of the long faces. I entered in the right door of the south face, and saw a party with ethereal guests. I could not see their faces, but the silhouettes were not quite human. I wandered around aimlessly inside, until the matron of the ballroom noticed me. She would follow me, trying to get me to leave as to not upset the guests. She had no power over me, she could not touch me, she could only antagonize me in hopes I would leave. She would lose vision of me and assume I had left.

      This is when I noticed the doors mirrored to the ones I came in. I went to the door on the left of the wall, only to find it was locked. When I reached in my pocket, I pulled out the key. I opened it to find another ballroom of equal size and with a slightly different decor and colors. There were no patrons nor tables, and I still had the door open to the first ballroom, and all of it's inhabitants were seemingly unaware that the door was ajar. I felt like I had escaped the matron, and she would never find me.

      This room, like the other, had 2 doors on the opposite long face of the rectangular dwelling, and I continued to unlock the doors and move forward. There were nine ballrooms, all empty with no patrons or tables and using slightly different but equally impressive decors. I could look through the doors ajar behind me, and see through all of them including the shrinking guests enjoying the party in the first room. I 'knew' that these rooms were the next locations of the evolving party, as in they would slowly move to the next, and the next.. The last room had no doors on the opposite side, it only had an open tunnel leading to a spiral stone staircase on the right. I entered it, and followed it to the next level of the building.

      Inside the top room was a large, corpulent woman standing at least 20 feet tall. Her skin was grey and diseased. She was a queen. She was not ethereal at all. She saw me immediately, and was absolutely enraged. She destroyed her room in her rage to get me to leave, then she eventually sat on me and I awoke.

      2. When I go from a human world in my dreams to a nonhuman world, I must always enter from a city. More specifically, under a city. ie. following descending ramps or using an elevator.

      My memory kicked in at a human elevator with a friend of mine. I wanted to enter it and bring him, but somehow he and I were separated as I entered the elevator alone. As it was descending, I noticed the ever increasing strangeness of what I was experiencing. It stopped, and the elevator opened to reveal the inner workings of the elevator, not the floor I was expecting. I exited, and quickly realized my mistake. The door behind me closed, and I was standing on spinning mechanisms that powered the elevators. They were circular, and they would twist and shrink as they lifted the 8 elevators placed octagon-ally in the circular, roofed, industrial room. As they would contract, I would lose footing, and I would run to an open elevator across the way, only to miss it and be unable to get back. This was my prison. Why would they engineer such a deathtrap with no way of redemption?

      Change occurred, and the change was as follows. The roof was removed. Instead of the elevator walls there was a futuristic city, filled with the ethereal people living their lives. The floor was still made of the spinning mechanisms, and the city overlooked me like a coliseum. The people began to crowed around the top of the coliseum, and the corpulent queen walked out on the highest balcony overlooking me. She looked slightly different, more youthful, but just as fat and corpulent. Instead of legs, she had eight octopus tentacles. it was clear I was the fixation of everyone, struggling to hold my footing on the mechanisms contracting underneath my feet. I stared at the queen, and she at I. She began to levitate off the balcony slowly in my direction.

      The inside of the coliseum and the space above the mechanisms where I was began to fill with a blue electromagnetic sphere of energy, engulfing the entirety of the circle. When it touched me, I began to levitate too, and I felt immense power. This energy was how she was levitating as well. Me and the queen slowly magnetized towards each other, as her entire city of ethereal slaves watched from the sides. I blacked out when she reached me, and I awoke in the space underneath the elevator cylinders.

      The walls of the city were two times higher and I could no longer hear or see any of the cities inhabitants. The mechanisms were above me, and the walls were grey stones with the corners where the wall met the floor curved creating a soft square bowl-like effect to the room. I was already backed into a corner, and there was a man who looked like he had been down there for ages. He had white hair, was very tall, and was covered in grey rags. His one eye was gouged. There was an Iron pot filled with lava, and next to that an art easel. The man told me not to be afraid of the lava, and he was trying to show me it would not hurt me. After I would not calm down, he threw water onto the lava in the pot and it slightly solidified.

      He then drew my attention to the rectangular Kabba-like object in the center of the foundry dwelling. And on it were 8 portraits on either side. He walked to the easel, dipped his brush into the lava, and painted another then threw it upon the right wall, and it took it's spot. The paintings were black, with the only accents being living lava that flowed as lines. He now let me study his paintings.

      I do not remember them all, but in the dream they all had specific detail. On the front, there was an Anubis-like being, accompanied by other paintings of strong men. On the side there were 6 portraits of different beings, and there were two paintings of strifeful actions happening between two or more of these men pictured. I then awoke.


      I picture the entire city as a cone, with the top being the city and it's center being the well of energy the queen used. And the prison, where the forge artist is underneath the well.

      When I could see the sky, it was beige and there was no other imagery to be gained.

      I've derived many interpretations of my own, but I would love for others to be able to think about it and offer insights.

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      If the moderators want, they could move this to the dream interpretation section. I jumped the gun when I saw this forum. &)

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