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      The dreamscape

      Best lucid dream I've had yet, and first WBTB

      Like half an hour ago I had the best lucid dream for me yet.It was my first WBTB. I was in some basement. I was walking around trying to decide what to do. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing. Eventually I walked up the stairs from the basement.

      The description of the scene I saw will be hard. I'll try to explain though. The area was flat, except for going down at 90 degree angles. So there were different plots of land at different heights and depths.

      The plot I came out of was empty on the top, except for jumping balls of living clay in a cage on the other side. The ground on this one had some blue stuff laying on it with the pattern of those plastic, stretchy soda can holders. (Now that I think about it, it looked like clay). I walked over to the cage to let them all out, every one was blue. They scattered, still jumping from wherever they wanted.

      And on the plot next to me, people were playing soccer. I noticed 3 or 4 of the players were orange poorly made clay men. And the humans could speak fine, but when the clay men spoke, they didn't say anything, instead a speech bubble appeared over them with their message. One of the clay men had a message saying he was going home now. I was planning on following him, to see what a clayman's house looked like. But apparently everyone was leaving anyway.

      So a crowd of people came out, including the 10th doctor. I think we were walking down some hill and the crowd split up. Me, The doctor and a few others walked down into the city. I said "This place is amazing". A silver car drives by on one side of the road, and on the other, going the opposite way from us, an identical looking silver car, besides the fact that it was about the size of a remote control car tries to go up the hill from when we came, but is stuck on some ditch in the road. I pick it up and lift it over the ditch. The doctor replies to me and says "The weird thing is, you can't specify the point of this world. It's just-"

      But I will never find out what he was going to say, because my dogs' barking woke me up instantly. Anyway that was weird and amazing dream I had. I want to know what this means too, so if your good at dream interpretation it'd be cool to see what this means.
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